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Home Security in London

Burglaries are constantly in the news and it can be a big concern when you hear about a burglary that has occurred close to your own home or to a neighbour.

Home security is one of the most effective deterrents you can invest in and offers total peace of mind that your home is being monitored around the clock. What’s more, every moment is recorded digitally, enabling easy download and playback should you need to use the footage as evidence or simply want to check the latest events that have been recorded.

24-hour protection for your home

CCTV, alongside an alarm system, offers excellent perimeter security that will make potential criminals think twice about targeting your home. Thieves are opportunists and would rather target a home that has little or no protection. By investing in CCTV that covers all areas of your property, you stand a much better chance of a burglar ignoring your property and moving on.

There are many benefits to choosing CCTV, including:

  1. Choose the areas you want to monitor – we can give you advice as necessary
  2. Add an additional layer of security alongside alarm systems, security lighting and doorbell cameras
  3. Choose from a number of state-of-the-art systems that backup footage to the cloud and allow you to monitor live video streams of your property on your mobile device
  4. Have peace of mind that your home is being monitored whether you are at home or on the other side of the world
  5. It is possible that your insurance company may lower your insurance premium if they know you have CCTV installed
  6. Monitor specific external areas of your property such as your car or outbuildings

Don’t be the next crime statistic – call our team today

Home security in London is one of the most sensible investments you can make for your home and the safety of your family. We recommend at least two cameras and can give you advice on the best placement for maximum security. Whether you have CCTV installed already and are considering an upgrade or this is the first time you are thinking about CCTV installation, we would be delighted to tell you more about the systems available on the market today and provide you with a quote.

Crime is constantly on the rise in the capital, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the next crime statistic. Call our team today to arrange an appointment at your convenience. We are standing by to take your call.

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