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Commercial CCTV System Installation

Commercial CCTV Installed throughout the UK

Deterring and detecting intrusions and thefts in your commercial premises is now more important than ever. It can reduce financial loses and avoid costly business interruption.

Surveillance of this sort is not the only priority though. Many companies have a pressing need for monitoring equipment to better manage productivity, waste and maintenance issues for example.

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Commercial CCTV is the easiest and most affordable solution for both surveillance and monitoring. It offers your company around the clock observation and recording; internally or externally and even in hard to reach places. All with minimal hassle, personnel or investment of time.

Our Commercial CCTV Systems

One of the primary advantages of modern commercial CCTV systems provided by CCTV.co.uk is how incredibly versatile they are. Equipment can match any business need, or location.

When commercial CCTV is planned and installed properly, it’s fully compliant to legislation and insurance requirements. It can also serve multiple businesses purposes depending on your configuration and software, including being able to:

  • Deter would-be intruders on your boundaries.
  • Detect criminal activity internally and externally.
  • Gather data to pass to authorities
  • Reduce risks of break-ins, criminal damage and acts of terrorism.
  • Protect staff and customers.
  • Conduct research and monitoring, such as customer numbers and staff engagement.
  • Build more intuitive repair and replacement schedules.
  • Watch hard to reach equipment in operation.
  • Monitor remote locations.
  • Improve productivity and time management.

The presence of CCTV can give visitors a sense of security too. It all comes down to telling us what sort of CCTV data would best serve your business.

Ease of operation and affordability

Fortunately, modern commercial CCTV equipment is also easy to use. It’s slimmed down and a great deal more unobtrusive than its predecessors, with simple commands and prompts to control it.

Yet through us, you can commission a wide choice of CCTV features. For instance, it can be integrated into your existing technology. Other bespoke adaptations include thermal imaging or appearance search and tracking. Also, functions such as intelligent video analytics and license plate recognition can be added to your tailored CCTV system.

Today’s CCTV systems for commercial premises are competitively priced too, with options to suit a wide range of budgets as well as a vast array of building layouts and business needs.

Types of commercial CCTV Systems

Hikvision CameraOnce your aims are clear, we can recommend and install a CCTV system that does its job flawlessly, consistently and with a high degree of automation.

One of the most responsive aspects of today’s surveillance and monitoring equipment is the choices for controlling and receiving input. You can view real-time and recorded CCTV data on your head office laptop, or while using your smartphone on the go, for example. In fact, you can view CCTV camera data from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world!

The big decision is which CCTV cameras are best for your premises and purposes, something we can help with. Your CCTV camera options include:

Dome cameras – commonly used inside and outside business premises, with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom on command and covering an extensive area.

Bullet cameras – elongated and cylindrical, these can facilitate long-distance monitoring and surveillance. They too can be moved and focused on command, for internal and external purposes thanks to water and dirt resistant casings.

Night and day cameras – these are CCTV cameras that adjust to light qualities if you need 24-hour oversight using infrared illuminators.

C-mount cameras – less common than the options above, they can be fitted with a special lens to extend their range to more than 40ft.

Internet Protocol cameras – IP CCTV cameras are our biggest sellers. They enable operators to view data via a local area network. Ideal for security personnel who need to view multiple locations.

High Definition cameras – HD CCTV cameras are the best option when you need clear footage. This can be important in retail and offices spaces for example when you need to focus on detailed movements and interactions.

How we can help you install a Commercial CCTV System

Placement of CCTV cameras is extremely important. It’s not just about securing the best viewpoint. Depending on the type of system you choose, you need uninterrupted transmission of data too. Making expert advice on camera placement a way to avoid costly errors.

Using expert installation engineers also ensures any wiring needed is logical configured and discrete.

CCTV.co.uk covers all this and provides you with training and ongoing technical support. This is particularly vital if you need an advanced CCTV system for your work premises, optimised and maintained to its full potential.

In fact, our role begins with helping you decide on the best system before we even install your commercial CCTV. A site visit to discuss your goals and expectations helps us to map out the best CCTV solutions and your free installation quote.

From this, you gain the confidence to invest in a CCTV system that can deter, detect, report, monitor and record, according to your commercial needs.

For businesses and commercial organisations, security is a prime concern. From sports centres to car showrooms, supermarkets to schools. the need for adequate security is universal in the commercial sector. Vital for reputations, vital for consumer confidence and vital for business owners themselves, quality security is not just a bonus; it is a necessity.

Our professionally installed CCTV systems are used widely across the commercial sector and can provide you with the high-level security that you require. Across Britain the use of CCTV is increasingly wide spread. At the same time, average crime rates continue to fall. This is no coincidence, CCTV provide a huge deterrent to criminals and the properties in which CCTV is installed are statistically less likely to be targeted by criminals.

So if you are considering investing in a professionally installed CCTV system for your business or commercial premise then let us outline the benefits:

  • CCTV provides an exceptional deterrent to criminal activity. If you want to prevent criminals from approaching your property then a professional CCTV installation is one of the most effective ways of doing so.
  • CCTV can play a huge role in helping to bring criminals to justice. When a criminals breaks into a property with a professionally fitted CCTV system they will be caught on camera. This is footage which can then be used by police to help bring the perpetrator to justice.
  • The CCTV systems we install can be integrated into your wifi, allowing you to view live CCTV footage on your desktop, mobile or tablet from any remote location where you can connect to the internet.
  • CCTV provides 24 hour surveillance, so your property can enjoy high levels of security which are constant. When compared to the cost of employing security guards for 24 hours a day, a CCTV system offers superb value.

Commercial CCTV Case Studies

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