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CCTV Can Add Value to Your Home

You don’t need to look far to find confirmation that house prices tend to be higher for properties that have good home security measures in place. Lots of sources cite the advantages of having closed-circuit television cameras monitoring your home. Not only do you enhance your security, you get the chance to boost the value of your home as well.

The advantages of adding CCTV cameras

It’s been suggested that wired CCTV systems are the best ones to get for this purpose, as they are a more permanent feature of any home. Wireless ones can also enhance a property’s security and raise its value, but likely not by as much.

But you should also consider the message good-quality CCTV cameras send to prospective buyers. A home that features good security measures – cameras included – speaks of an owner who has taken the time and invested the money in looking after their home. It is likely part of a pattern that will see greater value attached to any property.

Lower insurance premiums

Many homeowners also find they can save money on their home insurance when they invest in closed-circuit television cameras. Since many burglars will avoid properties that have cameras present, it makes sense this would be the case.

That’s another good perk to mention to possible buyers when selling your home. If you install a wired CCTV system that will remain with the property, you can reassure any prospective buyer of the security of the property. You can also mention the lower premiums attached to a home insurance policy, thanks to having cameras present.

Is it worth getting the best CCTV cameras?

CCTV cameras are always being improved upon. The newer, state-of-the-art cameras offer greater protection and security for businesses and homeowners alike. This should factor into the value of a property, since the value of the installed system should be considered as part of the package.

If a property already has a good CCTV system present, it also means a future owner won’t need to worry about getting one installed. That alone adds more appeal to a property.

As you can see, a good system can indeed raise the value of any property, no matter where it is. There may still be a ceiling on what the property will sell for, but CCTV can help sellers get closer to the ideal selling price.

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