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CCTV Installation Worthing

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We install CCTV Cameras throughout Worthing helping protect businesses and residential property.

Can you get affordable and versatile CCTV systems fully installed in Worthing? You can if you call our team to find out how easy it is to choose the perfect system for you.

We have an extensive range of CCTV systems of all sizes, from single-camera use to multi-camera packs with pan-tilt-zoom features and more. Whatever you need, you can rely on us to deliver the goods.

Alongside our installation services, customers in Worthing can also take advantage of our repair and maintenance services if they should ever need them.

Our team of experienced CCTV installers are able to provide a free quotation, often after a site visit, to help you get the right solution fitted first time. Contact us today and speak with one of our friendly installers.

Did you know we do CCTV packages for any budget? Contact us for more information!

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Crime in Worthing is generally low, however shoplifting and anti-social behaviour are average in terms of crime nationally.

Retail and public facing shops will already realise the importance of CCTV systems in the fight against theft in shops. Having such a high profile deterrent is so important, as is the ability to present evidence to the Police when a shoplifter is caught.

Why do you need CCTV?

Reasons why our Worthing customers are having CCTV installed...

” The house is located on a fairly long road and the street is usually quite busy, more so during the day, however, all the vandalism happens at night. Wing-mirrors have been broken, car windows have been smashed… and there are no CCTV cameras round my area so police are “unable to help without evidence. ” Chesswood Road, Broadwater, Worthing

“monitoring of back and front gardens when the property is unoccupied”, Lancing

“my back windows have been smashed and i would like to be able to keep an eye on my car at the front of the house”,  Shoreham

  • Full technical support

    Are you worried you’ll be left trying to work out how to get the most from your CCTV system? It won’t happen when you rely on our complete technical support system.

  • Fully installed and configured

    Our team will take care of the installation process for you. They won’t leave until the system is fully configured and you know exactly how to use it.

  • Best prices

    We’ll give you a great price on every CCTV system we have. But if you see a better deal elsewhere, we’ll go one better. That’s the power of our best price guarantee.

  • View on iPad and iPhone

    Our systems enable you to check the feeds from your cameras regardless of your location. Just view them on your iOS device with ease to enjoy complete peace of mind wherever you are.

How can we help?

The advantages of using modern CCTV systems

Modern CCTV systems are far better than their earlier counterparts. The advances in technology have ensured everyone can find the ideal cameras and system capabilities for their needs.

Security is vital to us all. Proper security measures help us protect our homes from break-ins and our businesses from theft and undesirable customers. The right closed-circuit television system provides you with everything you could want to heighten your existing security.

Even if you already have alarms and other security features, the presence of CCTV cameras represents a significant step forward. You can view your camera feeds remotely, use moving cameras to cover wider areas and capture images around the clock. Whatever you want to get from your CCTV system, it’s easier than you think to find the appropriate solution.

Don’t wait until your property is targeted in a burglary to protect your home or business. By installing cameras now, you could deter someone from trying to break in. When they realise they are on camera, they’ll get camera-shy very quickly indeed.

It’s impossible to put a price on your own peace of mind, whether you run your own business or simply want to protect your loved ones and your home. CCTV can handle it all.

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If you want to feel more secure, act now and call us free on 0800 211 8310 to make sure you get your free quote for CCTV at your Worthing home or business premises. Alternatively, email us at info@cctv.co.uk for more details.

We are CCTV suppliers and installers in Worthing – our team works throughout the Worthing area on a daily basis and has years of experience in the correct deployment of CCTV systems.

  • We supply and install CCTV systems for business use in Worthing
  • Repair and maintain existing systems in and around Worthing
  • Provide a full support service to help you combat criminal behaviour

The use of CCTV has many benefits to both business and residential customers, the main benefit is deterring crime. Criminals who are looking for an easy life haven’t encountered modern CCTV systems – with full zoom, pan and tilt capabilities together with superior recording and quality – providing evidence to prosecute has never been so easy.

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