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CCTV Installation Worcester

We provide a CCTV installation service for businesses and residents throughout Worcester.

We have a team of friendly, experienced and professional CCTV technicians ready to help you protect your business and property. Call us on 0800 211 8310, or complete the free quote form opposite.

If you live or work in Worcester and you’re looking for a CCTV installation service, you’re in the right place. We provide extensive installation services for closed-circuit television systems, catering to both business clients and private householders. Whatever size system you’re looking for, we can provide a range of CCTV kits to choose from, not to mention bespoke solutions for those times when you’re looking for something more specific.

And if you’re searching for CCTV maintenance or repair services in the Worcester area, we can help there too. All you need to do is call to find out more.

Generally crime in Worcester is low. Only anti-social behaviour is higher than the national average, an odd result given low levels for all other types of crime.

As a business then you may be experiencing problems with damage and ASB – if so CCTV can provide a very useful tool in the fight against criminal damage and theft. Both as a deterrent and as a form of recording instances of crime to forward onto the Police.

How can we help?

Our team based in Worcester have years of experience in the correct use of CCTV cameras in the never-ending struggle against criminals and vandals.

CCTV is a very practical and useful method to use if you are struggling with theft/vandalism or simply need to keep an eye on staff and stock. Modern systems are well priced, and offer excellent value for money.

Our Worcester team can provide:

  • Installation and supply of CCTV in Worcester
  • Maintenance and repair of existing setups
  • Advice on the correct methods to reduce criminal activity in your area

CCTV is being used in Worcester already…

In recent months Police in Worcester have used CCTV footage to identify people involved in car crimes, an assault, and a particularly mean theft of a charity box from a local pub.

Just three examples of the way security cameras can be used in the fight against crime – and they can also be a boon to Worcester businesses. Just imagine your business premises being broken into, property stolen or vandalised, money taken. You are bereft. Or you would be were it not for that CCTV monitoring system you had installed which enables you to contact the police with identifying images of the criminals in question.

Positive reasons to use CCTV

The idea of checking out your home or place of business from somewhere hundreds of miles away would have been laughable a few years ago. Now, however, we have modern technology to help us. Install some CCTV cameras, connect them with your iPhone or iPad and you can view whatever appears on your camera feeds from wherever you are at the time.

That’s just one reason why you might want to consider getting closed-circuit television cameras put in. There are plenty more reasons to do this, not least the fact you can use them as a deterrent to anyone who might consider breaking in. Cameras would put most people off trying to do anything, and that is a big plus point for the property owner.

Modern systems also commonly feature infrared cameras, cameras that move to cover a wider area and those that offer high-definition images too. Whatever you want from your system, you’re likely to find something that suits. Peace of mind is the main aim of investing in a CCTV system, and this is something that is easy to achieve once you have your own system installed.

Remote viewing on iPad and iPhone

Viewing the footage from your CCTV cameras is easier than ever thanks to the ability to use remote viewing capabilities. Link your cameras to your iPad or iPhone and check the latest live feeds wherever you are.

Fully installed and configured

If you want the full works, our team can fully install and configure whichever CCTV system you go for. That means your system will be installed and ready to use faster than ever – and you’ll know exactly how to use it, too.

Night vision up to 30 metres

See for up to 30 metres at night with our cameras. Clear vision and great images are a given when you go for infrared cameras to show you what’s happening at night. Never miss a second.

Full technical support

If you need further assistance following our installation, don’t worry. Our complete technical support system means you’re only ever a phone call or an email away from getting the answers you need.

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