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CCTV Installation Wolverhampton

Easily view your CCTV Cameras from your phone!

We install CCTV Camera systems throughout Wolverhampton.

You can discover the best way to protect your property by calling our supply and installation team today.

We’ve installed CCTV systems for all kinds of businesses in Wolverhampton. We’ve also installed systems for homeowners, covering everything from one or two cameras and static models to pan-tilt-zoom models. Whatever you need and whatever the reason for wanting it, you can seek out the ideal system for you with our help.  With a full complement of repair and maintenance services too, we cover everything you could possibly need.

Our team of technicians can help businesses and home owners with the installation and repairs of all types of security cameras, large or small. For a free quotation, please contact us today.

Why you need to use the professionals CCTV.co.uk

  • VALUE: Our CCTV packages are great value
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  • NIGHT VISION: Works in complete darkness

Crime levels in Wolverhampton are mixed. On one hand levels of petty crime such as shoplifting and theft are low, but more professional crimes such as burglary and vehicle crime are high.

CCTV is a great deterrent against crime. Not only does a CCTV System provide a high level deterrent, any crime taking place, such as criminal damage, is recorded so you can use that to prosecute.

Crime in Wolverhampton

Between May 2013 and June 2014 Wolverhampton saw a startling 779 incidents of shoplifting as well as nearly 300 reports of theft recorded by West Midlands Police in the city centre alone. With a startling 67.25 crimes recorded per 1,000 population, Wolverhampton crime rates are higher than average for the West Midlands area, surpassed only by Birmingham.

If you have the room in your garden, geese can make an effective burglar deterrent and have actually been used for this purpose since Roman times. Geese will see any burglar as a threat and can be quite aggressive and very loud!

Police presence and surveillance can only do so much, and the court system can take up to nine months for a single case. Investing in a well-maintained CCTV system can lower the risk of criminal damage and loss to your home or business and potentially lower your insurance premiums too. Our expert staff can talk you through options to suit your needs and budget including:

  • Expert installation – minimising any blind spots and ensuring accurate coverage
  • 24 hour monitoring and fast response
  • Latest equipment and court-accepted, clear imaging

We can even assist you in being able to view your system via your iPhone or other smartphone for complete peace of mind. Making the right investment in securing your premises could save you valuable time and money in the long run. Call our friendly team today on 0800 211 8310 for a free, no obligation quote.

Why do you need CCTV?

Reasons why our Wolverhampton customers are having CCTV installed...

” The area I live in is a nice area, it’s more teenage trouble we are trying to avoid, and it’s great to feel protected when you go on holiday, CCTV will give us that”. Coven, Wolverhampton

  • 12-month warranty

    You get 12 months’ peace of mind with our cast-iron warranty. Invest in your ideal CCTV system now with complete confidence.

  • Remote viewing on iPad and iPhone

    Check your cameras even when you aren’t at home or work. Access the feed by using your iPhone or iPad for total control.

  • Fully configured for you

    We can install all CCTV systems both large and small, so you won’t have to buy a kit and figure out how to do it on your own.

  • Future upgrades available

    Want to protect yourself against your CCTV system becoming obsolete? Our future upgrades ensure this doesn’t happen.

How can we help?

We supply and install CCTV in Wolverhampton – our experts have years of experience in CCTV, from small camera systems to much larger systems designed for multiple properties across different sites.

CCTV is useful for many reasons such as: monitoring activity of staff and stock, reducing petty criminality and capturing evidence suitable for prosecution.

Our team in Wolverhampton can:

  • Install cameras and systems
  • Help with planning and designing of CCTV systems in your premises
  • Consult on crime prevention
  • Repair existing systems

CCTV in Wolverhampton

For Wolverhampton businesses still reeling from the effects of last year’s Midlands’ riots, CCTV cameras have become even more of a necessity in the fight against crime and vandalism. And there are packages on offer locally, using the latest technology and equipment, providing a complete CCTV system to help protect your property, all installed at excellent value for money.

Some systems enable you to view the security camera images through a separate monitor and some can be networked to the internet to allow viewing from anywhere in the world from a PC, laptop or 3G phone.

You can even arrange for a CCTV system to be linked into an intruder alarm. When the alarm is triggered it sends you an alert and immediately you can look at the live CCTV images right there on your phone.

Why consider getting CCTV?

Do you want to protect your car while parked on your drive at night? Do you have a garden office you want to keep an eye on? Maybe you have a large amount of stock held at your business premises and you want CCTV to monitor the area outside around the clock.

It’s true you can find all manner of reasons to invest in CCTV. The good news is there is a CCTV system to suit every customer. There are multiple camera types to choose from, not to mention the ability to tilt and swivel them as needed, or simply to have them trained on a fixed point. With night vision also available in some models, it’s up to you how advanced your CCTV system is.

Protection against would-be burglars is the main reason why people get CCTV, whether it is for business or personal use. Deterring vandals is another crucial reason to invest in a good system. With kits containing one or more cameras of varying types, finding just the right one to fit your needs is easier than you may assume. Of course, we are here to identify the reasons why you want CCTV so we can find the best kit to work for you.

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