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What’s involved in a site survey for CCTV Installation?

There are a lot of reasons that people decide to install a CCTV system and as the equipment is so affordable these days, it puts it in reach of anyone who needs to “keep an eye” on their premises.

Having researched all the different types of equipment on the market, and matched that to what you need it to achieve, the next step would be to commission a site survey. This is especially vital for homeowners and smaller businesses, and anyone who has complicated requirements. But what’s involved in a CCTV site survey?

Qualified to look at all angles

With the best will in the world, though you know your building better than anyone, matching that to the right equipment requires an expert eye.

A qualified engineer will visit and take measurements, to provide a detailed and professional overview. This will take in to account how easy it will be to install CCTV, any issues that you need to keep in mind and the best location for the equipment to ensure maximum benefit. The professional doing the site survey will also look at ways to maintain your equipment, as you are going to want to look after your investment!

Uninterrupted functioning

Site surveys use qualified engineers with an eye for detail. Choosing the location and angle of your cameras may sound like something you can do yourself. But it requires a lot of careful thought to ensure there is nothing that would interfere with the functioning of your equipment.

What are the best angles to get the results you want, for example? Are there the right surfaces for the cameras, and will placement provide an unimpeded view? Is the lighting around the proposed camera locations sufficient to support proper functioning, without creating problems? If the plan is to keep the camera running overnight, will specialist night vision cameras be required?

Making the right connections

The site survey will not just research and measure the best places for the cameras, but also how that effects the way they are connected to the control/monitoring equipment.

If it’s a wired system you are planning, where will the wiring run to reach the monitor? If a long wire is needed (and they do go up to 500ft) it will affect transmission quality. So, the engineer will make sure the camera is a high enough spec to cope with that.

If the equipment you are installing is wireless, the transmission can usually pass through walls and other obstacles from the camera to the monitor, but it can’t be taken for granted. If you have a moveable camera, you also want to control the direction and zoom remotely, so that signal too needs to considered when mapping out your system.

Keeping control of your control centre

A site survey will look closely at where you intend to place the controls of your CCTV – both in terms of monitoring system and any additional storage you may need. The survey will make sure you have enough space and connectivity to support the functioning of your cameras.

Having thoroughly investigated what equipment best matches your needs, and how it can be located for maximum benefit, the site survey will look at durability too. If you are investing in CCTV equipment you need the assurance that you have found the most cost-effective solution that will work well around the clock, and stand up to any particular quirks of the location.

So, the site survey is not just looking at what is possible and advisable now, but also ways to ensure it is a good investment that will contain to work well for some time.

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