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What is the best CCTV System for home?

Home security is an increasing concern in Britain. Fortunately though, the technology to monitor criminal activity and antisocial behaviour around private property is becoming far better, in terms of both price and functionality.

Sensible CCTV for homeowners

If you have reason to be concerned about a potential home invasion, criminal damage or theft of things you value, then installing a CCTV system in or around your private property makes sense.

However, as there are so many choices now, it will be easy to find yourself investing in a kit that is either ineffectual, or a great deal more sophisticated (and expensive) than you actually need.

So, what would the best CCTV system be for a homeowner?

A lot depends on the nature of your property, of course, but also what your aims and expectations are.

If the CCTV equipment is more of a deterrent than a crime solving method, then a basic surveillance camera, clearly visible from the outside of the property, may well suffice.

Basic wired CCTV cameras can be bought on their own and connected to your laptop or television – simple and low cost.

If you have a property with numerous approaches, offering opportunities for someone to sneak up and gain access easily, then a more advanced kit with plenty of cameras is needed.

Some homeowners may also need to consider more costly vandal proof cameras, specially if their home is adjacent to areas of high public football.

Or, you may need CCTV equipment that is part of a more comprehensive security package at your home. Homeowners can enjoy greater security and peace of mind by combining wired CCTV equipment with alarm and door entry systems, for example.

Why wired CCTV systems suit more homeowners

For many private property owners, the most straightforward wired CCTV systems are not only fit for purpose, but are also far more affordable. These systems make it possible to sleep easier at night and leave homes unattended without needing to find unfeasible large sums of money.

Though this kit is so much cheaper and more versatile these days, wired CCTV systems can still be tricky to fit properly. Not least as the extension cables and connectors need to be unobtrusive and unimpeded.

It is a false economy if you end up with wired CCTV equipment in your home that only provides a blurred, unusable image, or intermittent reception.

A professional installer can make sure that your equipment is picking up the images you need too – so cameras detect people and not vehicles, for example.

Home security that keeps you within the law

Another strong reason why it’s best to have the CCTV kit professionally installed, is it helps you to stay inline with the ever more complex laws on surveillance.

If you put it up yourself, and inadvertently capture the movements of innocent passersby or neighbours, you could be in serious trouble.

There are also new regulations coming into force in 2018 to protect personal data – such as imagery. You need a professional installer to guide you through the data protection protocols and national CCTV Code of Conduct.

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