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What are Surveillance Cameras For?

When asking what are surveillance cameras for, the clue is in the question… surveillance. Surveillance means the close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal’ and this is essentially what CCTV and surveillance cameras are for. Whether in a domestic or commercial setting, surveillance cameras enable CCTV users to watch criminal or suspicious activity take place and take appropriate action. In a retail setting for example, a store security guard may watch the store’s surveillance cameras, spot a suspect shoplifting and then proceed to confront and apprehend the suspect.

However, calling CCTV cameras surveillance cameras actually doesn’t explain their full use and purpose. This is because surveillance cameras may well be good at being used to observe criminals and watch them closely but they have a use that takes place before any incident. Surveillance cameras prevent crime simply by being there. Having CCTV and surveillance cameras is a highly effective tactic of actually preventing crime happening in the first place as criminals will often see the cameras installed and decide not to commit their intended act.

Therefore, when the question what are surveillance cameras for is posed, they’re for surveillance AND crime prevention.

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