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We can install your CCTV System!

Are you looking at buying a new CCTV system for your home? Maybe you have just bought a new one for your home? Are you tempted on installing you home CCTV system yourself? Have a read of these before you choose to do your own home CCTV installation:

Expert Installation

CCTV systems may seem straightforward to install but they do require a lot of work. You need to read the manual in full before you do it and even then you may need to ring the company to ask for help and guidance. Unless you are very technically savvy, you may find it takes you a long time too ad it is not just about putting cameras up, it’s about connecting the system to your WiFi network and hooking up your monitoring and storage options.

Full Training

When you set up your own home CCTV system, then you need to teach yourself how to use it. This can be somewhat laborious and time consuming. When your home CCTV installation is done by a professional CCTV engineer, they will not only fit and install your CCTV system, they will show you how to use and and answer any questions you may have. This type of advice and guidance is invaluable.


However good you are at installing home CCTV systems, can you really have the peace of mind that you get when you get one installed by a professional CCTV installer? CCTV engineers are armed with years of experience and have often installed thousands of different types of home CCTV. Are you confident that you can install your system as good as them? You may also find that any insurance benefits from having CCTV installed may deem that the CCTV system has to be installed by a registered professional.

CCTV InstallationWhat You Get With Our Home CCTV Installation Services?

When you choose to use our professional home CCTV installation services, we ensure that you get the very best installation for your new system. This includes:

  • Full site survey and assessment by our qualified engineers to ensure cameras are placed optimally.
  • Cable routing from cameras to power points and back to the DVR.
  • Full installation of cameras and other pieces of your home CCTV kit.
  • Configuration of your viewing and storage options
  • Full demo of how the system works
  • Training on how to use your new CCTV system as well as advice on maximising its usefulness.
  • Answer any questions or queries that you may have.

Booking Your CCTV Installation:

  1. Purchase your home CCTV system. Don’t hesitate to talk to us if you are yet to purchase and we can put you in touch with a CCTV installer who offers kits to purchase that are suitable for your needs and budget.
  2. Call us to select your installation package and the time and date that you want your home CCTV fitted.
  3. Your CCTV engineer will install your CCTV system and train you how to use it fully and confidently.

Don’t delay and call us today to book your home CCTV installation. Having home CCTV that is professionally installed gives you and your family peace of mind that you are being protected 24 hours a day all year round.

Every one of our CCTV engineers is friendly, professional and highly qualified and this means you can have complete confidence in your new home CCTV system.

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