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Upgrade or Repair? Assessing an Old CCTV System

Most of the news surrounding CCTV nowadays is naturally focused on two topics. The first is the prevention of crime, and stories about criminals who have been caught and convicted thanks to CCTV evidence being presented in court. The second is the latest developments in the world of CCTV. New cameras, high-spec developments, and the latest equipment all fall into this broad category.

With all this talk about new closed-circuit television systems, it is hardly surprising we rarely hear about older models. But you may well have an older CCTV system installed at present – one that isn’t working as well as it should. Budgeting for a new system might be something you’re considering, but it may not be on the cards just yet. In this scenario, would it be better to replace the system rather than investing the money in a repair, or vice versa?

What does your current system do?

You must first consider what your existing CCTV system can do for you. Clearly, the cameras are unlikely to be as good as modern ones. You may also have fewer cameras than you would like or would ideally need. But if the system was checked and maintained, perhaps repaired if necessary, would this extend the life and service offered by the system until you could afford a better one?

How easy is it to upgrade an old system?

Are your cameras offering such poor pictures they are hardly worth having at all? If so, there is little point maintaining them. However, it is possible you could replace the cameras without replacing the entire installed system.

Conversely, if the cameras usually provide good pictures but have broken, a repair might be the better option at present. The only way to tell which path is best for you is to consult a CCTV expert. They can look at your cameras, equipment, and cabling and let you know whether repairs or replacements are best given the circumstances. Additionally, you will need to consider your budget, and whether it is better to upgrade now or later.

Of course, the level of security your current system offers you – even in good working order – is crucial in helping you make the right decision. When you compare upgrading a CCTV system to repairing it, a lot depends on where you are starting from. Once you know this, you can reach the right conclusion.

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