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Types of CCTV Cameras for Home

You’d think that with so much choice on the market and with so many technological advancements, choosing a security system for your home would be a simple quest. Choice can be confusing though, and there’s a lot to think about when it comes to protecting you, your family and your home.

Do you need a camera that follows people around as they move about or do you need something that can pan, zoom and tilt? If you decide that you don’t need any of these, you can always opt for a well-designed fixed camera. The thing is, things aren’t always that cut and dried, and now you can always play with the initial design by choosing a system with add-ons and additional features.

When it comes to picking your security cameras, it’s a good idea to think about what needs to be protected and whereabouts that ‘what’ is. Is it indoors or is it outdoors? Once you have decided, it’s time to begin comparing features and suitability. The one type of CCTV camera you won’t need for your home is the dome camera because these are better suited to a different kind of space. To monitor your home efficiently, you need to think about the following designs:

Cameras with WiFi included

If you can connect your security system to a handy app – you’ll be able to check on your home whenever you want, which is bound to give you maximum peace of mind. It also makes the installation process very smooth, and it’s a system that isn’t easily disabled – no wires to be cut!

Motion-detected cameras

A great option is a camera that alerts you when there has been movement within your protected area. It’s the perfect way to keep an eye on suspicious activities.

Clear-view cameras

If you get a security monitoring system with a high vision resolution, the images that are transmitted will be clear for all to see. This is something that is especially useful when you need to view faces in clear sight.

Night-vision cameras

Most crime occurs at night time – especially occurrences like burglaries. If you want to keep an eye on things in the dark, it’s well worth considering a design that includes night-vision capabilities.

Cameras with audio capabilities

If your security camera has a microphone you’ll be able to pick up on any unexpected movements and sounds being made.

Ensure you identify your needs and location to help you make your decision.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to investing in a new Home CCTV system – ask us for a free quote today.

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