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Things to Avoid

There are certain things, in particular, you should watch out for when installing a CCTV system.
Failure to take them into consideration will inevitably result in a very inferior system at, in all probability, too great a cost. The most important are as follows:

Do not be caught operating an illegal system because it does not fully comply with the Data Protection Act, which is the main legislation governing the use of CCTV TV in the United Kingdom.

  • Make sure that your system does not produce images that are ‘not fit for purpose’. The Association of Police Officers has stated that 80% of the pictures they receive fall into this category.
  • Test all equipment before installation. Then it can be replaced before arrival on-site if needed.
  • Ensure the mounting brackets of outdoor speed domes are properly sealed to prevent condensation in the camera housing.
  • Use EIA rated RS232/422/485 or CAT-5 cabling for speed dome or PTZ communication.
  • Ensure sufficient space for camera, lens and connectors when choosing a camera housing.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on equipment as it raises the temperature of the equipment.
  • Position cameras out of reach of vandals or ‘curious’ people.
  • Mount good quality mounting brackets in a stable location to avoid unstable or vibrating images caused by vibration or wind.
  • CS Mount cameras placed inside, at industrial or dusty/damp installations, should be enclosed in outdoor camera housings.
  • Avoid installing cameras too high above the subject, thus preventing ‘top-of-head’ video images.
  • Ensure camera mounting poles are mechanically secure to avoid vibration on camera images.
  • Before connecting power, ensure the supply is 12VDC regulated.

Monitor these points very carefully and you will be well on the way to having a very successful and cost-effective system. CCTV systems, properly installed, managed and maintained, are an extremely efficient means of both security and surveillance.

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