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The Advantages of CCTV Signage

Business premises with CCTV cameras installed are far more likely to be overlooked by criminals. If you had to choose between a business protected by cameras and one without, common sense dictates the latter would present the greatest chance of getting away without being caught.

But if you have these cameras installed (or are thinking of doing so), you should also think about CCTV signage. This also presents significant benefits worth bearing in mind.

If they don’t spot the cameras, they will spot the signs

Signage presents a clear message to anyone who is thinking of trying to steal from a business. It says the premises are protected, and that images are captured that can identify anyone who breaks the law while on the premises.

Sometimes, CCTV cameras cannot easily be seen. However, a clear sign placed in a prominent location may well be spotted long before the camera is. The sooner criminals are deterred, the better.

Signage shows how well-protected a business is

While CCTV cameras can capture essential evidence that will help the police identify criminals, and possibly bring them to court, we would all prefer such crimes not occur to start with. Combining the cameras with signs shows those intent on committing crimes that the business is well-protected. This holds true both inside and outside the premises, if it is possible for people to enter, i.e. if it is a shop. When combined with other security methods, i.e. security tags, many criminals may decide it is not worth the hassle to target that business.

Signage acts as a further deterrent to criminal activity

We’ve already mentioned the possibility of cameras going unnoticed by some. The ideal position for a CCTV camera may not put it within easy sight of someone who is thinking about breaking into those premises. This doesn’t apply to signs, however.

Some businesses decide to use signs and not worry about installing cameras, in the hope the signs will be enough to deter thieves from attempting to steal from them. This may work in some instances, but there is no doubt that combining the signs with state-of-the-art cameras is by far the best tactic to try.

While a sign may seem a relatively simple thing, it is clear these signs have their place alongside a CCTV installation. You could say they provide you with the best of both worlds when you have a business to protect.

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