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CCTV Installation Swadlincote

We are a professional CCTV installation service working across Swadlincote and its surrounding areas.

We have a team of CCTV specialists ready and waiting to help you secure your property against crime in the areas.

To find out more about our CCTV cameras offer, call 0800 211 8310 to see how you could benefit from the latest night-vision technology. Make sure you can always keep an eye on your property… even in the dead of night when there’s no natural light source available to help.

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During the latter half of 2013 Swadlincote enjoyed relatively low crime rates with the exception of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.

In order to protect your home or businesses against instances of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour you need a CCTV system.  The CCTV systems that we supply and install are of the highest quality, ensuring that clear and usable images are captured and also providing a visual deterrent to casual or opportunist criminals.

How can we help?

We know the importance of correctly installed CCTV.  To ensure that your CCTV system is fully effective, and provides you with the clarity of images that you would expect it to, it is extremely important to have the system professionally installed.

Too many times people have set up CCTV systems only to discover that in the event of a crime the footage they have recorded is of poor and unusable quality due to the failure to use a professional installation service.

CCTV systems are a serious investment, and that’s why to make sure you get your money’s worth it is always best to use a professional installation service.

Our expert technicians offer a cost-effective and highly-reliable service so you can be sure that your CCTV system provides you with comprehensive security.

How Vital is Night Vision?

Most burglars look for easy opportunities to break into a property. No doubt some unlucky homeowners and business owners in Swadlincote would agree. An open window here, a back door left unlocked there… burglars will always choose the easiest and smoothest route into and out of a property. They don’t want to get caught, so they’ll do all they can to avoid that happening.

Most burglars, for example, will avoid a property if they see it has CCTV cameras positioned at various points. Furthermore, they will usually avoid trying to break in during the day, unless they can do so quickly and easily. So, if you have cheap CCTV cameras that do not have night vision, you may still be targeted and have no clue who broke in or what they looked like.

Night vision cameras are far more important than many people think. If CCTV cameras including night vision capabilities are used in conjunction with other security methods, your home or business will be just about as safe as it could ever be. That’s great news for you, and the peace of mind is just an extra perk.

Clear vision for up to 30 metres

If you have cameras now, and you cannot see very well (if at all) at night, upgrading them to models including night vision would be a smart decision. The best cameras can give you night vision of up to 30 metres. This would suffice for most businesses and homes. How long is your garden, for example?

Many burglars will choose a target before trying to break in. If they see real CCTV cameras (and many of them can tell the difference between fake and real cameras), they will probably ditch that property in search of an easier target. However, if they fail to spot the cameras and cannot see them in the dark, you do at least know you can capture high-quality footage of the culprit. This could mean the person is caught and your possessions are returned to you, where otherwise this may not happen.

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