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State of the Art CCTV is Coming to Amble in Northumberland

Not all CCTV cameras are alike, as we know, but there is good news from Amble in Northumberland, as the Amble Town Council has opted to install state-of-the-art cameras throughout the town.

The system is currently being installed, and photos of the process taking place have been seen in local newspapers. The area will be covered by 17 cameras, each of which will feature high-definition technology for the best images of the area. Some will also feature the latest 4K technology – something that is missing from some of the cameras used in other towns and cities.

Investing in the best

Other notable elements to be included as part of the installation are automatic number-plate recognition technology. This won’t be on every camera, but it is included where appropriate. There will also be two further cameras that can be used when appropriate in certain situations where visible cameras are required to deter unwanted behaviour.

In addition to the 17 cameras that are currently being installed throughout the town, another 15 could also be added in the future if they are needed. It is unclear when or if this might happen.

Amble is just to the south of the River Coquet and Amble Marina. It is to the east of the Northumberland National Park, and very close to the coast. The council added an update to its official website in August, giving residents more information about the upcoming installation. Since then, work has begun on putting the cameras in place. The website stated the council was hoping the entire system would be ready to run in September 2017.

The aim is to reduce anti-social behaviour in the town, and to help with civil enforcement concerns if needed.

Will other towns go for state-of-the-art CCTV as well?

There seems to be more instances of this happening currently. We’ve read reports of other locations in the UK that are opting to invest in the best CCTV technology around. Simply installing cameras is not enough, although they can and do act as a deterrent. The images captured by the cameras are often fuzzy and unclear however, unless good cameras are installed.

Amble Town Council obviously understands the value of 4K, high-definition technology, and is looking to make the most of the number-plate recognition technology as well. If you are in the area, watch out for the cameras doing their work there soon.

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