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Solar Farm CCTV

Protecting large sprawling sites such as solar installation is often a complex task – not only have you expensive and delicate equipment in often remote areas, but the threat of cable theft and damage is on the increase.


Solar Farm CCTV Installations

Cost is always a major concern with large-scale sites. Large perimeter sites can be a nightmare when you consider kilometres of remote and rural fencing to protect with expensive equipment only yards away. New sites in Cornwall and Devon are more often than not on farmland which is isolated and targeted by thieves for the expensive wiring and electrical equipment onsite.

Is manned guarding a solution?

Much like a military installation, it would be easy to employ several security guards to patrol a parameter, instantly available when an alarm is triggered. However the costs are huge. Many sites would require at least 2 guards, and to ensure 24-hour cover, the staffing levels would need to be around 6 – this per year could add up to hundreds of thousands.

Is CCTV a good alternative?

CCTV has a different cost structure – upfront cost v’s recurring. Often the cost of CCTV be financed, hence reducing the initial outlay. Replacing manned guards mean less overheads. We recommend the use of an external CCTV monitoring station who can alert local fast response security guards to any threat to the site.

Solar farms are popping up all over the country, helping build a greener future for tomorrow. However, the owners of solar farms have to face some major barriers to success, not least security issues. We explore why CCTV is the best solution for solar farm security.

Why do I need to think about security for my solar farm?

Unlike a shop or a hospital, or even a working farm, a solar farm is left largely unattended. Although this is one of the perks of running a solar farm, it’s also a problem and unattended sites leave themselves vulnerable to vandalism and robbery. Furthermore, solar farms tend to be built in remote rural areas, away from airports or large towns, making them even more appealing to would-be criminals.

What are the options?

There are three main options; razor wire fences, on-site security and CCTV. Wire fences are perfect for putting off petty opportunistic vandals one at a time, but fence integrity can be reduced over time and holes in chain fences or tunnels built underneath become common place on sites where these types of barriers are used. On-site security is obviously an ideal solution for most, but it’s hugely expensive and for their own safety, usually requires you to have more than one member of staff employed at a time. With staff required 24/7, the bill will add up fast.

The benefits of CCTV

CCTV can be operated remotely, viewed remotely and used as evidence in court if something does happen. CCTV on the perimeters of your site should be visible to potential trespassers, acting as a deterrent. CCTV can be operated 24 hours a day, and can also be linked up with local security services who can be alerted only when necessary.

As you can see, CCTV is the perfect solution for reducing vandalism and theft on your solar farm. The most effective choice in terms of both cost and efficiency, CCTV also acts as an excellent deterrent and as reliable evidence when needed. Get CCTV installed at your solar farm today and enjoy better peace of mind and superior security.

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