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Should You Choose Wired CCTV Cameras?

Are you thinking of installing CCTV, maybe at home, in the office, or somewhere else? If so, you will need to choose from a wired system or a wireless one. Wireless systems are often easier for DIYers to install, since there is no drilling and nothing to hide. However, could a wired system offer a better solution for you?

There are several reasons why it might be. Even if you decide not to take this route, it’s worth reviewing those reasons. They could lead you to make a more informed decision – and that is always a good thing. This is a complex area, and it’s best to make an educated decision so you can find the ideal type of CCTV system for your needs.


If a good CCTV system is properly installed, it should be very reliable. However, wireless systems can sometimes be subject to interference. This is less likely if they are professionally installed, but it is something to consider.

When a CCTV system is wired and installed, it won’t be affected by anything like this. As such, it could offer you greater control and peace of mind. Isn’t that just what you want?

More cameras to choose from

Many people will only require a basic selection of cameras when they go for a wireless system. Ease of installation, affordability, and other features can all be ticked off.

But if you are struggling to find cameras with all the features you are looking for, it might be better to go down the wired route. Not only will you find more cameras to look at, you’ll find many of them have additional features you may never have thought about.

A professional installation means an excellent result – guaranteed

Obviously, few people would want to channel out walls or drill holes through to allow for wires to travel where they need to go when installing a wired CCTV system. If you did try the DIY route and you ran into problems, it would be far more difficult to correct them than if you had chosen a wireless system.

Of course, there could be valid reasons for going down the wireless route. That’s why we always recommend getting professional advice. Often, we find there are things people haven’t considered when choosing their CCTV system. A quick conversation prior to making that selection can make a significant difference.

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