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CCTV Installation Shipley

Our CCTV experts work in and around the Shipley area on a daily basis.

The friendly and experienced installers we work with help business and home owners protect their properties with CCTV Camera systems.  We can offer you systems comprising of as many cameras as you require.

Ask us now about affordable CCTV cameras and kits: Closed-circuit television systems may be more affordable than you think. All it takes to get more information is to make one call to our team on 0800 211 8310. Our experts are standing by to answer any queries you might have. When you realise how much more you get from real CCTV cameras instead of fake ones, you’ll realise this is always the smartest route to take.

To find out more about our services, and receive a free quote on our services, call us today on 0800 211 8310.

Crime levels in Shipley range from average to high, with burglary and anti social behaviour proving to be the most common crimes.

As such it may benefit you greatly to invest in a professionally installed CCTV camera to ensure the protection of your property.  CCTV is statistically proven to reduce crime and is a very effective tool for deterring thieves and burglars.  In an area with high levels of burglary, the systems we provide can offer you 24 hour protection.

How can we help?

Real vs Dummy Cameras

You don’t need to look too far online to find dummy CCTV cameras for sale. These would seem to be a great option for those on a tight budget who cannot afford the real thing.

But are they as good as some people believe them to be? Let’s look at the pros and cons of real cameras and dummy cameras to find out.

The pros and cons of dummy cameras

The cheap price must be the top advantage here. Buy one or more, fit them in minutes, and you’re done. No wires, no worrying about whether they’re working properly, and no hassle.

But of course, they don’t work. And many burglars will recognise dummy CCTV cameras from a distance. They won’t be worried by them and that means your property is not protected. They might deter a few would-be casual or opportunist burglars, but that is about it.

The pros and cons of real CCTV cameras

Now we come to the advantages of getting real CCTV cameras in Shipley. First things first – they work. You can rely on 24/7 recording that will capture anyone who gets up to no good. They’re also capable of recording accurately and in HD in many cases. There is no need to squint and try to figure out who the blurry person is in the black-and-white image like you did in the past.

You can also get cameras with night vision, remote viewing capabilities, and those that can be moved remotely, too. In fact, today’s technology has given us so many appealing CCTV features, it’s easy to find just the sort of camera you are looking for to protect your property.

As for the downside, there isn’t any. You might point to the cost, but this is an investment in the security of your home, rather than being an outlay you can’t justify. It could prevent your home or business being targeted for a burglary.

We are vastly experienced operators in the field of CCTV and can offer you a highly-effective security solution.  With remote monitoring capabilities, a range of cameras and footage stored for 30 days, our CCTV systems offer you the complete package when it comes to surveillance-based security.

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