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CCTV Installation Salford

We are CCTV installers working with home owners and business organisations in Salford.

Our installers have years of experience in using CCTV to provide security for both businesses and organisations throughout the Salford area. Call us for a free quotation today.

Do you have a CCTV kit you can’t install? We can do it for you. Do you want to buy a CCTV system but you’re not sure where to begin? Our experienced team can help you find the right kit for your needs.

With a full range of repair services as well, not to mention ongoing maintenance for your system if you need it, it’s no wonder more people are coming to us when they need CCTV installation and associated services in Salford. Keep reading to find out why we’re the best choice.

Salford has a high crime rate throughout. From petty theft such as shoplifting to the serious crime of criminal damage – Salford businesses need protection.

CCTV can provide a valuable deterrent to theft and criminal damage. From simply providing a high profile deterrent, to recording evidence for prosecution – CCTV is very useful for businesses looking to protect their property and assets.

How can we help?

Our Salford team of CCTV installers are ready to help you get the most from our CCTV Systems! Covering Salford and the entire area, our experts can help with the correct supply, installation and set-up of many kinds of CCTV cameras from those designed to monitor, to those to help identify vandalism and criminal activity.

Our team in Salford can help with:

  • The supply and installation of CCTV cameras for business and residential use
  • Maintenance and repair of older CCTV systems
  • Advice and help with security issues

CCTV is already helping Salford

Salford experienced serious public disorder on the evening of 9 August, 2011, centered around Salford Shopping City in Pendleton. The media images of the commercial properties being damaged and police vehicles being attacked were disturbing but fortunately a very rare occurrence. They resulted from a small minority of people who were intent on causing significant damage.

And, having invested in a state-of-the-art CCTV control room, Salford Council was able to provide crucial evidence for the police in helping them identify and arrest those involved, thus emphasising once again the value of security cameras.

In the retail sector, the use of CCTV is also a great tool in the prevention of crime. Modern digital CCTV provides valuable management information, as well as crowd control, staff monitoring and support.

Good reasons to get a new CCTV system

If you’re considering having a CCTV system installed, no matter where you need it, you’ve probably got security at the top of your list. Closed-circuit television cameras can be easy to spot, and most criminals will check a property before they try to break in. If they spot a camera, they are likely to go elsewhere instead of running the risk of being caught on camera – crucial evidence that could well count against them when they are caught.

You’ll likely feel much safer in your home when you have CCTV, too. Not only do you have the cameras as a deterrent, you also have them as reassurance for you. And when you can check the feed from outdoor cameras on your smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your sofa, you can keep an eye on your surroundings with ease, as well.

It’s also peace of mind you’ll appreciate when you have a young family you want to keep safe. If you know there have been crimes in your area, CCTV can help reduce the odds of your home being targeted next. With so many benefits to having CCTV, it makes sense to invest in it as soon as you can.

Choose your preferred camera colours

Do you want your cameras to blend into the background or stand out? Whatever answer you’re thinking of, we can make it happen with cameras to suit all occasions and locations.

CCTV kits for business and personal use

Install CCTV at the office, at home, in your garage or anywhere else it is required. We have a kit to suit every need, and we can create bespoke kits too if you need something different.

Numerous camera models available

From the simplest cameras that film from a fixed point to those you can control remotely to get a better view, you have every reason to come to us to purchase your cameras. We have all the ones you could possibly choose from.

We always offer the best price

Don’t pay more than you need to – call us for a free quote now.

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Call now on 0800 211 8310 to ask for a quote for CCTV installation in Salford. Remember, we supply and fit CCTV systems for business customers as well as homeowners, so whatever you want, we can get the job done for you.

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