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Risk of burglary highest in Northern towns

Manchester, Doncaster, and Hull are ranked the top 3 worst places for burglaries in the UK according to new research, adding to anxiety for Northerners heading into dark winter months.

It makes for grim reading if you live in the North, because 7 out of the top 10 worse places for burglaries are towns located in the North of England, according to a survey of 2,000 respondents by CCTV installer CCTV.co.uk

CCTV view of burglar breaking in to home through window with crowbar

Manchester is ranked the worst with 15 burglaries per 1,000 people – with Doncaster and Hull close behind with 13.1 and 12.5 respectively.

“We don’t know why the North has it so bad, many of the areas prone to burglaries are densely populated estates and terraces, and Northern towns are full of these types of homes”, says CCTV Installer James Ritchey from CCTV.co.uk

The top 7 worst Northern cities are Manchester, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Bradford, Rotherham and Sheffield, each having their own share of social and economic issues. The 3 other cities in the top 10 were Southampton, Birmingham, and Northampton.

“Every burglary has an effect on the person who lives in the home, and burglaries tend to be carried out by a small number of people who live locally to the areas they target – perhaps Northern cities are simply more prone to this effect”, adds James from CCTV.co.uk

CCTV.co.uk recommends the following easy ways to deter burglars:

Physical barriers – fences, hedges, gates, doors – make sure it is difficult for anyone to get into and onto your property

Locks – ask a locksmith to audit your door and window locks, money spent here is well worthwhile as burglars gain access through openings (obviously!)

Lighting – installing infra-red security lights deters criminals as most prefer the dark to carry out their trade

Alarms – a home alarm is a solid way to protect your home should an intruder be successful in entering your home

CCTV – installing cameras is a great deterrent, together with motion alerts and chimes you can detect, deter and record any night-time activities

Signage – using signs such as “CCTV Alert” deters would be criminals

“The results paint a worrying picture, but with a few simple steps, especially the physical barriers, protecting yourself from a burglary doesn’t have to cost the earth – and gives you total peace of mind going into the winter months”, concludes James Ritchey from CCTV.co.uk

Results in table form are here:

Rank Location Burglaries per 1,000 people
1 Manchester 15
2 Doncaster 13.1
3 Hull 12.5
4 Leeds 11.5
5 Bradford 10.4
6 Rotherham 10
7 Sheffield 10
8 Southampton 9.8
9 Birmingham 9.3
10 Northampton 9.1


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