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CCTV for Pubs, Bars & Night Clubs

CCTV cameras continue to provide a vital tool in the fight against crime and violence in bars, pubs and night clubs.

The advantages of having such a surveillance system in operation are fourfold.

  • Staff and customers feel much safer;
  • it enables staff and security to be directed immediately to a trouble spot;
  • it produces tangible evidence to help find offenders and bring them to justice;
  • because of all this, it acts as a deterrent to would-be offenders.

A CCTV system will also help in the carrying out of health and safety procedures; protect your employees, as well as spotting any in-house irregularities; and ensure the welfare of the customers.

Bar and public house CCTV camera systems are professionally designed, installed and tailor made for the precise needs of the licensed premises in question, using the latest digital recording technologies.

Remote internet access comes as standard.

If in doubt, call us and we will be only too pleased to give advice on which system will suit you best. It is also advisable to use CCTV in conjunction with other crime and violence prevention measures.

If you would like a system that enables you to view the images without actually being on the premises then that can be arranged using standard internet connection WI-FI or a mobile phone network.

Around the clock maintenance, training and customer support is also on offer so that there is  constant assurance that your CCTV system will always be there for you.

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The benefits of using CCTV in your bar, pub or club

During recent years the popularity of CCTV cameras in public spaces has grown, helping to maintain safety on our streets. Shops and supermarkets use CCTV, but what about bars, pubs and clubs? Do we really need them? Well, the answer is yes and below we explain why.

A sense of safety

Any pub, club or bar that installs CCTV needs to tell customers of this fact. This is usually done via wall signs. What this means is that both customers and staff will feel much safer drinking in your establishment.

Stop trouble before it escalates

CCTV allows your security staff to quickly get to a disturbance or altercation. They can either stop any trouble before it escalates or alert the police.

Provides hard evidence

CCTV recordings produce hard evidence that can be used to help convict the guilty party.

A great deterrent

When people are aware that there is CCTV on your premises, they will be less likely to commit a crime. CCTV alone can create a less antagonistic environment.

Assist management with health and safety

CCTV can help with daily health and safety checks, and procedures. Overall it will help to maintain the welfare of all staff and customers. With a remote monitoring system, a close eye can be kept on both the inside and outside of your establishment.

Why use the services of a CCTV installer?

When installing a CCTV system, it is essential that the system is installed correctly. We use the very latest recording technology and specialise in the pub and club industry. Our systems meet the needs of your busy business.

It is also very important that the system is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

To learn more about our CCTV system installation for your pub, club or bar, then please contact us today!

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