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Pros and Cons of Hidden Security Cameras

Many people install security cameras to ensure they are visible to anyone in the area. While they cannot film public areas, they can be used to keep an eye on a property and the land it sits on.

But should you hide your cameras or make sure they are visible to everyone nearby? There are pros and cons to hidden cameras to consider, some of which are highlighted below.

Burglars may choose your property, believing it is not being monitored

There are two main advantages to using CCTV cameras. Firstly, they will record footage of the surrounding area, which means anyone who shouldn’t be there will be caught on film. Secondly, the cameras will act as a visible deterrent. Burglars would much rather target properties that are not being monitored. If you hide your cameras, some may assume your property doesn’t have CCTV, and therefore presents a more attractive target.

There is a good chance a burglar would be caught on film if targeting your property

This is the flip side of the point we made above. There is perhaps a greater chance someone might try to break into your property if they believed there was no CCTV to capture their movements. Of course, if they did try to break in, your cameras should catch them in the act. If the cameras are of high quality, the footage could be used to assist in finding and apprehending the burglar.

Can you hide them and still get a good angle for filming?

If the camera is in the open, you can position it however you wish, to ensure you can cover your target area. That isn’t true of a camera that must be hidden from view. Chances are, it will be seen from one angle or another, especially if someone is looking closely for one.

Consider where you would like to place your camera and figure out whether it could be hidden while still providing the perfect filming angle. In some instances, this may not be possible.

In the end, a lot depends on your property, the limitations you need to work with when positioning your cameras, and your own preferences. If you bear all these in mind and assess the possibilities prior to deciding, you should find the best option for your needs. Just be aware it may not be the one you thought you would choose

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