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CCTV Installation Potters Bar

At cctv.co.uk we run a nationwide network of professional CCTV installers and can offer those services to clients across Potters Bar and the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire.

CCTV is well-established as one of the most effective modes of crime prevention on the market and is a common fixture in properties across all sectors in the UK.  If you want to benefit from the 24 hour protection that our systems can provide you then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Just call 0800 211 8310 or fill in our online form for a free no-obligation quote.

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Getting professional advice works in lots of situations – and it works for CCTV systems in Potters Bar, too. You need only make one free phone call to get a quotation for a new closed-circuit television system from our team. Call today on 0800 211 8310 to learn more and to see how affordable a new HD, digital, remote-access CCTV system could be. You might be surprised at the answer we’ll give you.

The most recent crime figures released by Hertfordshire Police show that crime levels across Potters Bar are low.  CCTV is one of the most effective tools for deterring crime and keeping instances of crime low.

So if you want your property to benefit from top-quality security that deters criminals 24 hours a day, and captures footage of any disturbance, then we have the service for you.

How can we help?

Whether you need a camera for your home, a security system to oversee a warehouse or cameras to bolster the security of a school, we have a top-quality professional service that can help you.

We can offer IR cameras capable of monitoring environments with variable light levels, including instances of zero light, and can also offer high-end PTZ cameras and dome cameras.

Call us today on 0800 211 8310 to find out more about our services which include:

  • Systems with a remote monitoring capability
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • A highly-effective 24 hour crime deterrence

Do You Need to Replace an Existing CCTV System?

It’s one thing to consider getting CCTV if you don’t already have it. But what should you do if you do have a system installed in your Potters Bar property, and you don’t know whether to replace it or not?

The key to finding out is to get the answers to the following questions. These should help you work out what’s best in your situation.

Is it in HD?

High-definition CCTV is now easy to get and is great quality, too. If your current system produces nothing but fuzzy images, it won’t be in HD. You could singularly improve your system simply by replacing it with HD cameras. If you did this, you’d be assured of recording only the best images around the clock.

It’s the difference between an old black-and-white television and a new, modern HD model. Which one would you prefer?

Does it offer remote viewing?

Can you get access to the recording from anywhere in the world, providing you have internet access? You can do this via a phone, a laptop, or any other suitable device. It would be one thing to get home and find images of a break-in that occurred while you were away. It would be quite another to check on your property from time to time and discover an issue far sooner.

Can you add to the existing system?

If not, it’s probably time to replace it. The best systems can be upgraded and added to, particularly if they are digital. If you have an old analogue system, it will essentially be closed and unable to accommodate even one more camera, let alone several.

If your current system frustrates you, and constantly makes you think of how much better it could be, you will likely benefit in many ways from a new CCTV system. It’s merely a question of how to find the best replacement system around today.

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