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CCTV Installation Pontefract

We install CCTV systems in Pontefract and the West Yorkshire area – our team are experts in the correct installation of all types of CCTV cameras from commercial and domestic properties to factories and local authority systems.

The CCTV system we install provide our clients with exceptional security that they can rely on 24 hours a day.

It’s difficult to know which cameras to buy to get the most from your CCTV system. Every property is different, and every purchaser has different requirements. That’s why expert advice is a great idea, and you can get it free now on 0800 211 8310. Our team is waiting to see how they can help you get the CCTV system you want.

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Pontefract experiences average levels of crime with the exception of ant social behaviour, instances of which are high and account for over 40% of reported crime in the area.

With reasonable levels of crime throughout the area, security must be a high priority for all homeowners and businesses.  A professionally installed CCTV system can help protect your property against criminals, ensuring you do not have to experience the trauma of falling victim to property crime.

How can we help?

How Do Most Burglars Access Properties?

According to the police, most burglars will get into a property through a door. It’s the most obvious entry point, although some might choose a window if it is left open and provides an easier way to get inside. Some burglars will either break the lock to get in, or simply kick it down, although this option creates more noise.

This means door security is of paramount importance. But even with strong locks and other preventative measures, you can still enhance your door security further with good CCTV protection.

Positioning your cameras to provide the maximum coverage

Since you know the doors to your Pontefract property will likely be the point of entry for a burglar wanting to get inside, it makes sense to protect these as best you can. That means having one camera at the front and one at the rear – or at the side of the property, if that is where the second access door is.

Positioning the cameras is not always as easy as you’d think. You must make sure you adhere to privacy laws when doing this, i.e. not to position them so they might record people walking past the front of your property. Cameras should only ever be trained on your own property, so you don’t fall foul of these laws.

Consider other areas you want to cover

If you have a garage or other outbuilding, you might wish to purchase an additional camera for there. However, depending on where those buildings are situated, you may be able to position a camera that monitors two areas at once. With cameras that can swivel to provide coverage for a bigger area, this may save you from buying more cameras when the right one will do just fine.

Another good example would be getting a night-vision camera that provides visibility of up to 30 metres even in pitch darkness. If you do this, you can cover a larger area at night as well as during the day.

Protect your property with our help

CCTV is a superb tool for crime deterrence, offering both the visual presence to ward of potential intruders, and the capability to catch criminals in the act.  The systems we install offer an impressive dual function when it comes to tackling crime.

Whether you own a chain of stores, a restaurant, a factory or any other kind of commercial property or home, we can provide a service for you.

We can help you with:

  • Installation of CCTV for your business or home
  • Repair of older CCTV systems
  • Advice and help for those who haven’t used CCTV before

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