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Police prove killer link by using CCTV footage


The two men denied they were anywhere near the murder scene – but a detective piecing together an assortment of CCTV clips like a jigsaw puzzle proved that they were lying.

And last week they were convicted of the murder of Sonny Grey near Westwick Gardens in Lincoln, where they beat the 70-year-old, throttled him and poured boiling water over him.

With no forensic evidence to link the killers to the crime, it seemed an uphill task for Lincolnshire Police, but Detective Constable Adam Battersby sifted through countless hours of CCTV footage to track the killers’ movements.

CCTV LincolnHe produced 25 clips, some containing just split-second glimpses of the men, and they proved sufficient to help the jury at Nottingham Crown Court convict Rocky Curtis (25) and Robert Holmes (24), of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

The case showed how the vast reams of CCTV footage being collected every day by Britain’s network of cameras can become vital evidence – even if they do not capture the crime taking place.

DC Battersby said that CCTV could be intrusive at times, but it was becoming increasingly valuable as a means of catching criminals.

In this particular case, no matter how many times the defence claimed, ‘That’s not them’, the jury could look for themselves and make up their own minds.

CCTV, added DC Battersby, was now hugely important. If someone, or something, was on CCTV it was there for all to see.

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