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Points to Remember When Buying Hidden Cameras for Home

There are many reasons why you might consider installing a hidden camera in your home. However, the same questions should arise no matter what your reasoning is for having one (or more).

Here, we explore the three most important questions to consider prior to making your purchase. Coming up with answers to these could save you some cash and bad purchasing decisions.

Do you want a disguised camera?

There are two types of camera you could opt for. The first is a tiny camera you can hide in something else. The second is a camera that is already included within the item you buy. The best example of the latter is a light bulb security camera. It would be impossible to create something like this at home, but you can buy one and install it very easily without anyone being the wiser. (Of course, you shouldn’t install any camera in a private area such as a bedroom or bathroom. Always stay within the law.)

Where are you going to put the camera?

This will help you work out which hidden camera is going to make the best purchase for you. For example, if you are going to place it in the kitchen, you might be able to buy a camera you can hide in a cookbook, so the lens pokes out from the spine. If you need a camera for your lounge, you can get a small one that can be hidden within the leaves of a plant.

By thinking about possible hiding places before you buy anything, you can make sure you are able to purchase the right camera – or item that includes a camera – from the off.

Will a wireless camera be easier to hide?

The reason for this is simple – you won’t need to worry about hiding the wires. If you have a camera hidden in, say, a teddy bear in a nursery, it would look very strange if there was a wire coming out of the back of it and trailing along to a plug socket. Always consider the wires and how they are going to look if someone spots them. Will they look natural or out of place? How many plants have you seen with wires trailing from the back of them? It is worth thinking about.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can make a more informed purchase for your home.



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