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Office CCTV: Do You Need It?

Warehouses, shopping centres, schools, shops… all these buildings have CCTV, and this is not an exhaustive list. Today, more offices are installing CCTV too, and there are many reasons why.

Safety and security are of paramount importance in our lives. We all want to feel safe. We all want to know we are secure in our surroundings, and are not at risk of being affected by crime. While we can never be 100% safe everywhere we go, the more we do to deter others from committing crime, the better the result will be.

Working in an office would seem to be a safer prospect than working anywhere the public has the freedom to access. While most customers are fine, most shop workers have a story to tell concerning a customer who was less than courteous. CCTV doesn’t just protect against theft, it also protects the customer and the staff.

But none of this applies to office workers. So, is it worth installing CCTV if you work in a private office, or if you have an entire office building to think about?

In short, yes. While we tend to think only products and stock have any value, that’s not true. Your business might have documents that are private and important. You would not want others getting hold of that information. Thus, it has a value. That value should be protected. You may well store some papers in a filing cabinet, or on a hard drive that is then locked away in a safe for the night. But if someone breaks in, they could get hold of those items.

Installing a camera in your office would be the best way to provide you with peace of mind. If your business occupies an office building, you can consider how many cameras might be required, and where they should be placed. Professional advice is best sought for this, since there are lots of options to think about. You want to be sure you are choosing the best positions and the ideal number of cameras.

In short, office security is just as vital to get right as security in a shop, or an entire shopping centre. Protection of anything that is worth something is very important. Make sure you take the right steps to install cameras that will enhance your office security. Even one camera is often better than nothing at all.

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