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Number of CCTV Cameras in London to Top 627,000 in 2019

The number of security cameras in the capital is set to reach 627,000 in 2019, and could top 1m cameras in 2025 according to new research.

The research undertaken by CCTV.co.uk shows that the number of CCTV cameras in London will hit an all-time high this year.

This record-breaking number is the equivalent of one camera for every 14 people in London, and takes into account CCTV fitted to both commercial properties and private households.

Such a huge increase in the number of CCTV cameras in recent years means that anyone going about their business in the capital will be caught on camera around 300 times per day.

But what’s driving this rapid growth in surveillance?

Jonathan Ratcliffe, of CCTV.co.uk equates it to a combination of increased fear among householders, the standardisation of commercial security in new buildings and the smaller affordable security cameras such as home CCTV Systems and Doorstep Cameras.

Jonathan said: “The number of cameras being installed in the capital is growing at a much faster rate than ever before due to private households installing smaller cheaper systems.

“People are genuinely scared and sharing CCTV footage on social media when the Police don’t act fast enough is standard practice these days.

“Doorbell cameras and cheap DIY systems have seen the number of cameras increase, and new commercial buildings have CCTV installed as standard.”

And this growth isn’t set to stop anytime soon. By 2025, CCTV.co.uk anticipates that there will be one million cameras in London alone, reflecting a growing trend that’s also mirrored around the country.

“We estimate one camera for every 14 Londoners, but this could rise to one in 11 as technology improves and population increases, meaning a staggering 1m cameras by 2025.

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