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Newton Abbott CCTV Security Plans to be Rolled Out Over Wider Area

Newton Abbott in Devon has recently been the subject of a pioneering closed-circuit television system, and now there are plans to expand this system to nearby Kingsteignton.

Privately-managed CCTV cameras

The reason why this system is different from the many other CCTV systems in place across the region is that it is managed by a private company. The agreement was put in place in Newton Abbott in 2015, and has been run by the Newton Abbott Security Trust ever since. It was the first scheme of its kind to be piloted anywhere in Devon and Cornwall. Now, discussions are going ahead to determine whether Kingsteignton could also be included in the plans. Monitoring by the private company is fully supported by the police in the area.

Close to getting the go-ahead

At the time of writing, there was no further news regarding the plans, but things were looking very positive. CCTV is present in many towns across the UK, but this was the first time a private company was brought in to observe the footage from the cameras. The council has reacted positively to the idea of expanding the scheme to Kingsteignton, so it looks as though it is just a matter of time before it happens.

Kingsteignton is only a couple of miles to the north of Newton Abbott. Both are to the west of Teignmouth and to the east of Dartmoor National Park. Perhaps the most interesting fact to come out of this report is that there is every chance other local towns in the area will eventually have their CCTV cameras monitored by a private company as well.

Funded by more than one source

Further information indicates the council in Kingsteignton would offer funding for the project. There is also the possibility of local businesses helping to support the cameras. Early indications are there will be between six and eight cameras in key positions throughout the town. If the project does go ahead, the town will be covered by the private company in time for Christmas.

The big question is whether other councils throughout England and beyond take on this new method of monitoring CCTV cameras. Since it has been a success in Newton Abbott, there is every chance other towns have been watching and may now consider doing their own research into a similar approach in their locations.

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