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Neighbour’s CCTV catches man hanging around cars and gardens in Sutton Park, Hull


CCTV cameras at neighbour’s house catch man looking at cars before going into her garden and running off


CCTV at a neighbour’s property in Sutton Park, Hull, caught sight of a man hanging around vehicles before entering her garden and fleeing.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, couldn’t believe it when she looked at her neighbour’s CCTV footage and saw the man snooping around vehicles outside a property in Paxdale, Sutton Park.

The suspicious acting man then goes into the woman’s garden before fleeing quickly.

The footage was captured on her neighbour’s CCTV system and happened on Thursday, February 2, at around 3am.

The woman who’s garden he entered said: “You see him looking in my car and then he looks in my partner’s van and walks through my gate.”

She believes that there could have been two people and maybe one was keeping watch.

The woman has a four-year-old child and says she found watching the footage really disturbing.

Advice has been given to residents by Humberside Police after the incident, to help reduce the risk of vehicles and/or belongings becoming the target for thieves.

The police warned car owners to make sure they never leave anything valuable inside their vehicle and always securely lock it, using extra security measures if you have them, such as immobilisers or alarms and never leave your keys in the ignition if you nip back inside for something.

Try and park somewhere that’s well-lit and the vehicle is secure – if you have a garage, make sure you use it!

Humberside Police are asking for anyone with information concerning the man in the CCTV footage to contact the police on 101.


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