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Marine CCTV: Not Just Protecting Property

Think about CCTV cameras and you think of cameras mounted inside and outside shops, and those monitoring the exterior of a private property. Chances are you won’t think about cameras used on boats.

But yachts and motor boats are just as much at risk of crime as properties built on dry land. Many boats can present less of a challenge to break into than houses. This makes security a key issue for all boat owners.

Specifications of marine CCTV cameras

It also makes it less of a surprise to realise marine CCTV is in a category of its own. While external cameras on properties must be weather-proof to provide the best service, this element becomes even more important when the CCTV camera in question is being used on a boat. If that boat is moored in a marina, the CCTV cameras must only be able to handle whatever weather is in the area. However, it is a very different story when the boat is out at sea.

In these conditions, spray can be a big factor. Even when there is no rain, choppy seas can churn up lots of spray. Salt water can be more damaging than rain could ever be. Marine CCTV cameras are therefore constructed to be tougher and hardier than traditional on-land cameras.

Versatile cameras for all situations and requirements

You’ll find marine closed-circuit television cameras available in both static and controllable models. As with cameras designed for buildings, it is worth investing in the best you can get. They’re often useful for many situations, too. Static cameras are typically cheaper than ones that can be remotely controlled, but they can all be useful when docking the boat. Think of it as an extra pair of eyes. Boats don’t have mirrors like cars do, and yet these cameras can act in that same capacity.

While CCTV cameras have a clear purpose in maintaining the security of the boat, it is also possible to take things to another level. Through-hull cameras enable you to view what is happening underneath the boat as you sail or motor your way through the waves.

But in every case, marine cameras are designed to provide boat owners with the same level of security and protection homeowners take for granted with CCTV. As for new developments, these are just as prevalent in the marine world of CCTV as they are on land. Great news for all boat owners.

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