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Making Sure Your CCTV Cameras are in the Correct Positions

This would seem obvious, wouldn’t it? But there have been cases where people have highlighted privacy issues with CCTV cameras. Put simply, you must make sure any cameras you install are not jeopardising the privacy of anyone else. For example, they shouldn’t point at anything other than your property, driveway, or garden. If they show anything beyond your boundaries, you could run into problems. Anyone walking by who is caught on camera could have a legitimate complaint regarding invasion of privacy.

The good news is you can easily avoid such issues by taking your time to consider the best positioning for your cameras. This will make life easier for you, and no one else will feel their privacy is being jeopardised.

Talk to the experts

Experts in the security industry will know where and how cameras should be installed so as not to fall foul of the law. Few other people would know what they can and cannot do, so it makes sense to ensure you can get advice right at the start. It’s always better to avoid mistakes than to make them and need to make changes later.

If you are totally new to closed-circuit television systems, you will find you can easily become overwhelmed by the ins and outs of this security measure. That could lead to backing out altogether (not good for your security), or making the wrong decision (also not good for your security, and possibly not your standing in the eyes of the law, either). Speaking to experts gets rid of these risks.

Make sure you opt for professional installation of your new cameras

Going for a pro installation means you will be certain your cameras won’t contravene any laws. You can let the installer know where you want them and what you want to monitor, and they’ll make sure you get the desired result while still complying with the law.

And of course, if you have any questions, they will be pleased to resolve them for you.

Contact our team now for all the advice you will ever need

Learning about CCTV and the law, and where you stand in relation, is very important. So is getting the right security system for you and your property. Calling 0800 211 8310 makes a lot of sense, because you can make sure you don’t go wrong.

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