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CCTV Installation Maidenhead

We are CCTV experts who install CCTV Cameras & Systems to commercial and residential properties throughout Maidenhead and Berkshire

Our team is friendly, professional and experienced in helping all customers with their security problems. Request a free quotation for CCTV installation in Maidenhead today…

It doesn’t matter whether you know which CCTV system you want or if you don’t know where to start. Our experienced team can guide you in the right direction to make sure you always get the most from your closed-circuit television system.

We provide complete supply-and-fit systems and services, alongside repairs and replacement services when required. Our team also provides ongoing maintenance if needed, to help make sure you are always satisfied with whatever system you have. Call now to find out how we can help you get the best from your chosen CCTV kit.

The levels of crime in Maidenhead are very mixed – shoplifting and theft are both rated as above the national average.

Shoplifting and theft crimes are opportunist crimes that can be tackled by providing a deterrent in the way of the criminal.

How can we help?

Our team can help you with:

  • Help and advice on security problems
  • CCTV installations for home and businesses (including local authorities)
  • Maintenance of older CCTV systems

The advantages of getting CCTV

If we asked you what the main advantages were of getting a CCTV system installed, you’d probably focus on security as the main reason for investing in such a system. But in truth, there are plenty of other advantages you can enjoy as well.

For example, it needn’t cost as much as you think to enjoy a heightened level of security around the clock. CCTV cameras come in all shapes and sizes, from simple fixed cameras to those in domes and those that offer pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. Similarly, multi-camera systems can be designed or bought off-the-shelf to suit the needs of any property or location that needs to be monitored.

Footage from these cameras is also much better than it was, thanks to modern technology. This provides us with infrared monitoring at night, clearer high-definition images and even recordings in full colour.

All this means it is easier than ever to provide additional levels of security, no matter whether you’re protecting your home or a multi-building complex for your business. A CCTV system can often be scaled up or down to meet your specific needs, with different cameras used in different locations too. With our knowledge, you can be certain you’ve got the right system for you.

Enjoy high-quality night vision

No more squinting to see blurred images at night. Our cameras can produce excellent images even in pitch black at up to 30 metres.

Recording around the clock

Never be left with a time you’re unprotected, thanks to our high-quality CCTV systems. You can record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day during the year.

Enjoy the best-quality images

Our cameras use high-definition (HD) quality images to capture the best details. So, if you were broken into or targeted by vandals, they’d all be captured in detail.

Everything is guaranteed for 12 months

Whatever system you buy, we’ll guarantee every component for 12 months from the date of purchase. We only use the best qualified installers, ensuring you can enjoy full confidence in our systems whether you buy a system or have it installed as well.

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