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Home CCTV Installation London

Why you should install CCTV cameras in your London home

CCTV cameras are common in commercial properties, with almost every business in London using them for security monitoring. Most people prefer them since they are easy to install and one of the most cost-effective security measures.

(above) Cameras can be installed to be discreet or in this care highly visible.

However, did you know that you can also install CCTV in your home? Using a CCTV system is your right, as long as you respect other people’s privacy. With that said, many people in London are setting up this security system in their home.

Benefits of installing a CCTV system in your London home

You can use CCTV cameras as a measure to improve your home security and keep your family safe. Below are the benefits of using this security measure.

  • Thieves are less likely to break into your home if you have CCTV cameras installed.
  • Availability of CCTV cameras decreases the risks of your home being vandalised or subjected to any other form of damage. This reduces your likelihood of asking for insurance claims; hence the possibility of your insurer considering reducing the price of your policy.
  • Monitoring your entire property without stepping outside is safe and stress-free. You can also use CCTV to see who is knocking at your door before you answer.
  • If the worst happens and criminals invade your property, you can use the camera footage to identify and bring them to justice.

(above) Wires can almost always be hidden with the right installer, placement of cameras is a combination of where you wish to view and whether cables can be neatly hidden away.

What to look for when buying home security cameras

When buying security cameras for your London home, you should look for the following features:

Resolution and camera quality

Pick a camera that clearly picks the face of a person and has the best recording quality. A high resolution is recommended, and if funds allow  go for full HD resolution – ask us for advice.


You have the option to choose from cameras that record footage onto a hard drive or cloud storage. Your choice depends on how much space you need.

Wired versus wireless cameras

Wired cameras are the most common due to their affordability. Their wires keep them strongly connected in their positions. On the other hand, wireless CCTV cameras are expensive but save you the stress of managing too many wires. Wireless cameras depend on batteries which might not last long. You should, therefore, keep on checking your cameras if you opt for this type.

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