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2016: Crime Statistics for Liverpool

Liverpool is a well-known city in Merseyside. The city’s population is just shy of half-a-million people. There are numerous neighbourhoods in the area, so accessing crime figures for Liverpool will depend on which neighbourhood you look at.

However, a rough map of the immediate area of Liverpool reveals around 2,082 crimes were reported there during November 2016. It’s possible to go into more detail on this, and to look at figures spanning an entire year. These figures reveal more about the kinds of crimes that tend to be committed around the Liverpool area, focusing on the most heavily-populated parts of the city.

Are some crimes more common in Liverpool than others?

anti-social behaviour is the most common crime in Liverpool

It may not come as a surprise to learn anti-social behaviour is the most frequently-reported crime in the city. This is like the situation in many other cities in the UK. The bigger the population, the bigger the chance more crimes of this nature will occur.

Our statistics for the general area around Liverpool revealed 6,585 crimes of this type occurred from December 2015 through until November of the following year. Other cities have figures of around 25% of total crimes committed for anti-social behaviour, but in Liverpool this increased to 28.61%.

Next in line with 4,213 reports to the police were crimes under the general heading of violence and sexual offences. All other crimes committed, including burglaries, robberies and shoplifting, were far lower than these two main examples.

What could these statistics teach us?

We can learn a lot from the statistics that apply to the areas where we live, or to other areas we’re interested in. For instance, business owners in Liverpool should do all they can to protect their businesses. Installing CCTV is a great example of this; it could also help homeowners who want to keep an eye on their property even when they’re not in.

While some crimes are far more common than others, we should all remember they are still very rare when compared to the population size. Liverpool is home to hundreds of thousands of people, and many more head into the city daily to work at companies and businesses throughout the area. Few will have any need to report any sort of crime to the police.

However, it is always a good idea to protect yourself as much as possible with common-sense measures for your own safety and peace of mind.

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