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CCTV Installation Leicester

Specialist Security & CCTV Systems in Leicester

We are CCTV Installers working with homes and businesses throughout Leicester and the surrounding area.

Our team of technicians can help you protect your Leicester business or home from theft and vandalism, as well as other specialist uses of CCTV. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Why use us?

Are you wondering whether it is worth getting CCTV at your property in Leicester? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can provide advanced closed-circuit television systems for all types of property in the Leicester area.

We cater to homeowners as well as business customers, so whatever you need and however many cameras you’re looking to get, our team is here to help. With a full range of repair, maintenance and installation services, you’ll get everything you could want from a great CCTV system when you call on us.

The benefits of using us

  • Here to save you money - Ask us about our Home CCTV Packages
  • High Definition CCTV - We only use the latest security technology
  • We're here for you - Full Support when you need it
  • Night Vision - We use InfraRed technology to see in the dark!

Crime in Leicester

Leicester enjoys generally low crime rates – only spoiled by average levels of shoplifting, criminal damage and theft.

CCTV is a superb tool for businesses looking to reduce the rates of theft and damage to their properties. The benefits of CCTV are vast, allowing you to both deter crime and monitor and record your property for long periods of time.

In the last 12 months, reported crime in Leicester has shown to be well above average for the area.  Leicestershire police records show an average 87.11 crimes reported per 1,000 citizens. This compared to neighbouring boroughs such as Charnwood (54.52) and Blaby (46.53) demonstrates a worrying trend within Leicester city centre. Reports of shoplifting and anti-social behaviour have seen a particular rise.

The average length of cases going through Leicestershire Crown courts is a startling eleven months. Making sure you can deter criminals in the first place could save you valuable time and money.

Police surveillance and security can only go so far in protecting your domestic or business premises. Investing in a reliable CCTV system is a cost-effective way to secure your assets or simply keep an eye on day to day activities. Our trained staff can advise you on options to suit your needs and budget including:

  • Professional installation tailored to your specific requirements, minimising blind spots
  • 24 hour monitoring (including the ability to view from your smartphone)
  • Repairs and maintenance, also upgrading existing systems 

Call our friendly team today for a free personalised quote on 0800 211 8310.

Why do you need CCTV?

Reasons why our Leicester customers are having CCTV installed...

” Burglaries and thefts from vehicles are quite high in the area. I moved in 2 months ago and have already had 2 sat navs and other possessions taken from the car. I believe its only a matter of time before they try to get into the house so wanted to set up the CCTV as a deterrent before its to late. I feel there is not much police presence in the area at night which is when the most activity is taking place. ” Heatherbrook Road, Leicester

” the local police are doing a good job, but I do have trespasser coming into my garden so need to collect CCTV evidence ” Clifford Street, Leicester

” Need more presence of police in area. Feel no one is present or much presence is given. CCTV is to provide my own personal security.” Woodgate, Leicester

Our CCTV Systems
  • View on your phone/tablet
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Fully supported and set-up
  • View your property via your iPhone/iPad

    Check your property whenever you wish by accessing your camera feed via your iPhone or iPad. Easy access means peace of mind no matter where you are.

  • Complete installation and configuration as standard

    Our service includes full installation of your chosen system, plus complete configuration. Our installers will make sure you’ll know exactly how to use it once it’s installed.

  • Includes future upgrades

    No need to worry your system will be out of date in the future. Upgrades are provided as standard whenever they’re needed, so your system never gets left behind the new models.

  • View your CCTV footage at night

    Want access to your CCTV footage, even at night? Our state-of-the-art CCTV systems make this easy to achieve.

How can we help?

Enhance your peace of mind with the best CCTV systems around today

Peace of mind is something we can all appreciate. No one wants to feel unprotected, especially in their own home. Knowing your property is covered from all angles by the best CCTV system available today enables you to enjoy your home even more – without worrying about the chances of someone breaking in.

The same applies if you want to protect your business and deter any would-be intruders from accessing it. Our team has ample experience in assessing the requirements of a wide range of business premises. So, whether you have a factory, a lock-up, a shop or an office building, we can find the best CCTV solution for your property in Leicester.

CCTV not only acts as a strong deterrent against crime, it also provides evidence for the police to use if someone did decide to go ahead and break in. Capturing images on your CCTV system could help secure a conviction, but only if your system is good enough to get those images.

Our systems are that good. So, make sure you have the benefit of calling on the leading installer in Leicester today when you are ready to protect your property or your business from potential thieves and vandals.

Our experts in Leicester can:

  • Install CCTV Camera systems in and around Leicester
  • Advise on the correct type, set-up and positioning of cameras
  • Maintain and repair older systems

Are you a business looking for CCTV in Leicester? We supply and install CCTV Cameras to many businesses and homes in and around the Leicester area.

The benefits of CCTV are vast. Both for detection, monitoring and evidence – CCTV is both cost effective and very useful.

More about… CCTV in Leicester

It seems that Leicester has become Britain’s CCTV capital. New research shows that there are now more than 2,000 cameras monitoring the city, whose council has spent £3.7 million on new cameras over the past three years.

There has been some criticism of this proliferation of CCTV monitoring, but a spokesman for Leicestershire Constabulary said: “There is no doubt that CCTV is an invaluable tool when it comes to identifying and prosecuting offenders.”

That being so, businesses in Leicester are being advised to install 24-hour, 365 days a year manned CCTV monitoring systems, which use state-of-the-art technology and are able to record, monitor and protect a particular building or area throughout Leicester.

Best price guaranteed

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