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Intelligent CCTV Cameras Can Tell What’s Moving

The whole idea of installing CCTV cameras is to keep an eye on what is happening around your home or business premises. Some cameras record continuously, while others are intelligent enough to record only when there is movement in the frame.

However, while motion detection is a good feature to have, many cameras cannot tell the difference between a would-be burglar creeping around and the neighbour’s cat putting in an appearance. That’s not the case for all of them, though. The best cameras can work out what type of movement is happening. In doing so, they will only record when a person is detected in the area. Animals, cars, and other moving objects won’t trigger the camera to record unnecessarily.

Investing in the best camera you can get

Budget is an important element to consider for anyone looking to buy a security camera or system. Yet it does pay to think about your needs, and to get the best camera you can. The most expensive ones can indeed distinguish what is moving, rather than simply detecting movement alone, but you will pay a higher price for that technology.

The good news is these cameras generally come with many other appealing features as well. You do get what you pay for, and looking at the different features and comparing them to those offered by cheaper cameras is the best way to work out which camera setup would suit you.

Cut down time spent reviewing footage

Perhaps the best part of having intelligent CCTV cameras that fall into this category is that less time needs to be spent looking through footage when something has been recorded. Anyone who has had motion sensor cameras before will recognise the experience of going through it all… only to discover there’s nothing but night-time footage of the neighbourhood foxes going about their business.

The more intelligent a CCTV camera is, the easier it should be to use. When a camera can detect the difference between humans and other moving objects, that cuts the time spent watching the footage when it does record something.

We expect this feature to be available in more cameras as time passes. With all technology, the price should fall too, as further advancements come to light. Just as motion detection was once a new feature on many cameras, so this intelligent version will gradually become more widespread too.

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