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How to keep your car safe on your drive

When your car is parked in your driveway, it could be vulnerable to thieves.

So, what can you do to keep your vehicle safe?

Garage your vehicle

If at all possible, you should put your car in your garage, especially overnight or if you are going to be away from your property for any length of time.

If your vehicle is out of sight in a locked garage, there’s less temptation for opportunist thieves to strike.

Fit anti-theft devices

Any form of anti-theft device will deter a would-be car thief. Thieves want to make a quick getaway, and anything that slows them down will be an effective deterrent.

Use stickers informing thieves that ‘this car has a tracker’ and choose etched window alarms.

Keep valuables out of sight

Leaving your handbag, briefcase, phone or laptop is asking for a thief to try their luck. Lock all valuables out of sight in the glove box or boot, and remember to wipe away the circular mark that a satnav leaves on your windscreen.

Security basics

Even if you’re not intending to leave your car unattended on your driveway for long, don’t be complacent. Lock the doors, close all the windows, and never leave your keys in the ignition!

On cold, frosty days resist the temptation to leave your car’s engine running to warm it up while you wait in the warmth indoors. A passing thief could easily make off with your vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Modern cars are not easy to hotwire, so thieves are usually after keys in order to carry out a theft. Never make the mistake of tucking a spare key underneath your sun visor; it’s the first place a thief would look. In addition, don’t leave spare keys on your hall table where they are clearly visible; a passing thief will look through the letterbox to see if the keys are handy and could break into your home to grab the keys.

Parking rules

When parking on your driveway, always drive in. This means that a thief would need to come closer to the house to steal the car and reversing off a driveway takes longer than driving straight out.

Light it up

Thieves prefer to ‘work’ when they can’t be easily seen. Install motion-activated security lights outside your garage or home so that your driveway is instantly illuminated if anyone enters it after dark.

You can keep your car safe on your driveway by following the tips outlined above. Keep your vehicle locked and with all valuables out of sight. Never leave spare keys within reach and be sure that your driveway is well-lit at night.


Fitting an obvious Home CCTV system can help deter and record any issues you might have. Ask us to give you a quote today.

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