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How to Hide Cameras in Your House

Are you thinking about hiding one or more security cameras in your home? Installing cameras outside your property is a great way to deter would-be burglars. However, there are good reasons why you might install cameras indoors too. You can legally do so in common parts of the home, but not in private areas. It wouldn’t be a problem if you installed one in your own bedroom, but if you installed one in a guest bedroom someone else was using, you’d be breaching their right to privacy.

Many people choose to install a so-called nanny cam indoors to make sure the babysitter is taking good care of their children. However, whatever reason you might have for hiding cameras in your home, do check the law to ensure you are not falling foul of it first.

Which cameras are best for hiding in your home?

Size is obviously important here. The bigger the camera is, the more challenging it will be to hide it. You can get very small cameras that will sit on the end of your finger. Once you decide where to hide them, you can purchase the best cameras for the job.

Wireless cameras are also better for this task. The reason is simple – if someone is looking for cameras, a tell-tale wire that doesn’t lead to anything obvious will raise suspicion. Wireless cameras can be put in place without the need to hide a wire too.

Where should you hide cameras?

Consider a high vantage point. Hiding a camera in a high position, perhaps on a high bookshelf for example, has two benefits. Firstly, it is less likely to be accidentally blocked by someone who places something next to it. Secondly, it provides a better view than you’d get from a much lower level.

Many people hide their cameras inside other items. Since some cameras only require a pinhole to film through, items such as books, bookshelves, toys, and even plants are all ideal.

The best bet is to look around the room you want to put a camera in. Which items are the least obvious ones you could use? Obviously, you’ll want the camera to always stay in place, so choose an item you won’t move around too much. Check the view from the camera too, so you know it covers everything you want to see. This should help you achieve the best results.

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