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How Much is CCTV for Home: Protecting your home for less

Budget. Even the word is bland. We associate budgeting with notebooks, ledgers, calculators, bank statements, and all manner of other things we’d rather not spend time associating with. Yet all these things help us work out a budget we can be satisfied with.

You won’t need all those elements to work out how much to spend on CCTV at home, but it does pay to have some idea of how much you might want to spend on cameras. You could easily go window shopping – whether online or off – and get an idea of how much certain cameras with certain features cost. Yet there are many variables to consider, all of which make doing your sums far more difficult.

Different brand names; wired or wireless kits; night vision… all these things come into play. You might also want to consider whether you are happy to get a basic kit or one that is future-proofed, at least to an extent.

You should also consider whether you would like someone to fit the kit for you. Even though some kits are billed as being easy to fit, a lot will depend on how many cameras you want, how they are going to be fitted (wireless or wired), and how good you are with DIY and electronics.

You’ve got three main possibilities in this scenario:

  1. Buy the kit and install it yourself
  2. Buy the kit and hire a pro to install it for you
  3. Hire a pro to provide the kit and install it for you


Lots of people have intended to go down the first route, only to end up choosing the second. Since it takes longer to install a CCTV kit than many would assume, people often read the instructions and decide to call in the experts. That is no bad thing.

You can see why starting with some sort of budget in place – even a rough idea of one – is wise. Even if you don’t fully stick to it, it gives you a starting point. The more you know and understand about your requirements, the easier it will be to get a more accurate figure too. You then need to narrow your brands and preferences to find the best kit for your home or business. Watch out for deals too, as these could get you a better kit than you had hoped for.

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