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How many types of CCTV Cameras are there?

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras are cameras that are installed in places where monitoring of security and conduct of people is necessary.

Common places where these devices are used include; residential buildings, business premises, offices, and streets. The cameras transmit motion and still images to a screen in a control room where authorised persons can access them.

CCTV cameras come in different models depending on the technology used in their development and the purposes that they are meant to serve.

There are more than ten types of CCTV Cameras as outlined below:

1. ANPR/LPR Cameras

These are cameras that are used in the management of hotel overstays, car parking and tolling. They have recognition ability that helps in obtaining information in areas with high traffic, thus ensuring the security of the premises.

2. Dark Fighter Cameras

As the name suggests, Dark Fighter Technology Cameras are capable of capturing coloured images in areas with low light intensity. They can be used both day and night to offer security.

3. External and Internal Dome Cameras

The dome shape design of these cameras makes them best fit for both indoor and outdoor use because the criminals cannot detect the direction which the cameras are facing.

4. C-mount Cameras

C-mount cameras have lenses that can be detached. This feature, therefore, makes it possible to change the lenses to adjust the distance of coverage.

5. Bullet Cameras

These cameras are quite long and cylindrical in shape. They are best fit for outdoor applications that require surveillance over long distances.

6. Day and Night Cameras

With or without light, these cameras can function very well. They do not use infrared illuminators but can still capture clear video images because of their highly sensitive imaging chips.

7. PTZ Pan Tilt/Zoom Cameras

The ability of these cameras to be moved from left to right, up and down and the adjustment of their lenses to enable zooming, make them more suitable when there is a surveillance specialist to operate the security system in the area.

8. Discreet CCTV Cameras

This type of CCTV camera is used for discreet placement. This means that they can be installed in hidden places to capture clear footage of crimes without getting damaged in the process.

9. Infrared Cameras

Majorly used in critical infrastructures such as airports and seaports, these cameras provide 24-hour high-quality images. They have small LED bulbs that surround the lenses enabling them to accurately pick images.

10. Network Cameras

These cameras pick images and share them over the internet. This means that they can be used to monitor premises from any place where there is a good connection to the internet.

11. High Definition Cameras

The high resolution of these cameras makes them best suited for use in high-risk establishments. Good quality images from these cameras can be zoomed for clarity and can be used as evidence in court. Premises such as banks and casinos use these cameras to offer maximum security.

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