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How Good Can CCTV Cameras Get?

We’ve had colour images. We’ve had high-definition images. We’ve also had intelligent recording, so the cameras will only begin to record when something is moving within the scope of the area they cover. We’ve even got cameras that know whether movement is caused by a car, or an animal, or a human – and they will only record if the latter is true.

All this begs the question of how much better these cameras can get. Today, the quality of the CCTV kit you buy will depend on how much money you have available to spend on it. This has long been true, with the best cameras and kits reserved for those with deeper pockets.

But as with all technology, new and expensive ideas gradually become cheaper and more affordable for everyone. This applies to the world of CCTV as well. But what we don’t know is how far technology can go in this instance. How many advances will be made in coming years that we can only dream of now – and perhaps not even think about yet at all?

Greater versatility

There are plenty of cameras around that have the facility to enable the user to access the feed remotely. This is ideal if you have a smartphone or tablet. You can check on your property while you are on your way home. The same applies with business premises. Other than ironing out the kinks, we wonder what else could be achieved via remote access.

Meanwhile, today’s HD cameras are better than we could ever have hoped for. Yet it is almost certain that we will see sharper images as time goes on. More cameras will also be likely to have night vision. Currently, this is an extra, rather than something that comes as standard. We fully expect the latter to be true in time.

Perhaps this is where the biggest changes and improvements will be made in the CCTV market. While more leaps forward will occur, we suspect more cameras will provide more features we are currently familiar with. This will likely happen at lower price points, opening the way for more people to get the CCTV cameras and systems they would like.

One thing is certain above all else though. The forward motion and development within the CCTV industry shows no sign of abating. And perhaps that is no big surprise at all.

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