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Home Security Locks

Nothing appeals more to a burglar than windows left ajar in an empty house.  Leaving doors unlocked while you are out is a huge risk too, but it can also be a dangerous thing to do while you are in the house.  As surprising as that may seem, there are a number of instance where burglars have gone walked into a house while the occupant is upstairs and stolen valuables from the ground floor.  Therefore, it is very important for the security of your home to ensure that windows and doors are locked when you are out, whether that be at day or night.  Keeping windows and doors locked in area of the house you leave unattended for large periods of time is also advisable, since burglars are quite happy to steal from your house, even if you are in at the time.

For upstairs windows, the same advice is relevant.  You might think that a burglar would have a hard time reaching first or second floor windows, but if you have a window which overlooks a flat roof then it is entirely feasible that a burglar could reach it.  Another thing to be sure of here is that no ladders are left unattended outside.  While a burglar may be unlikely to want to steal a ladder they will be more than happy to take advantage of one to gain access to your home.

Door locks and keys to your home
Where did I leave the keys!? Why can I never find the keys when I need to leave in a hurry? These are common questions in virtually every household In the UK. However, knowing how many sets of keys you have, where they are and who has them can have important security implications. Make sure you are aware of where all your keys are, if you don’t, and one finds it’s way into the hands of a burglar, then you won’t know and you are leaving your property exceptionally vulnerable.

Ensure when you collect keys from former owners that you are getting all the keys. They will probably have more than one or two, so if you only get given this many be sure to ask about the others. The last thing any homeowner wants is a stranger with easy access to their house. It may well be worth changing the locks to your house, it certainly represent a favourable alternative to being burgled.

Keeping keys near a door is also a no go, as explained earlier, with criminals often attempting to fish keys through a letter box using a rod or stick.  As you might expect, leaving keys in the door is also a big security risk.  If you have a door with a glass window then a burglar can smash through it and reach the keys in the door, letting themselves in easily.

Lock options

Locking your front and back doors is an essential part of home security, but if the locks you have in place are weak then it is feasible that a burglar could break in with relative ease.  Therefore, it is important to be aware of the different locking systems which are available to you, and which of those offer you the highest level of protection.

Typically, the locks on the front and back doors of houses in the UK fall into three categories; surface mounted locks, cylinder locks and mortise locks.  Whatever type of lock you have, you will want to ensure that it is meets the requirements of British standard 3621 and carries the bs kite mark.  This way you can be sure that your lock is a high quality lock that cannot easily be broken by a burglar.  Adding bolts and possible a chain to your door can also add security, although it is important to note that a bolt is only as strong as its wall fitting.  Also, if a burglar can break glass in your window then they may just be able to undo the bolt themselves.  To negate this threat you may wish to invest in a mortise bolt lock, which provide more security as they require a key to be unlocked.

Another option when it comes to securing your external doors are hinge bolts.  These are fixed steel pegs which are set into the hinged edge of the door and engage in holes drilled in the door when it is closed.  Their purpose is to prevent blows to the hinged side of the door from forcing it open.  If you have outward-opening French doors on your property then hinge bolts are an absolute necessity.  This is because on these doors the hinge is exposed and, consequently, can be removed from outside of the house.  Without hinge bolts in place, french doors on your property could constitute a weak point in your home security.

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