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Home CCTV Kit – Professionally Installed or DIY?

CCTV is an important aspect of securing your home, and more and more homes are opting for CCTV installation.

All security systems need to be installed, but it’s up to you whether you choose to hire a professional to install one for you, or you opt for a DIY approach. Generally, DIY installation is cheaper, but professional installation is reassuring. Both methods have their pros and cons, so to help assist you in your decision, we’ll give you the rundown.

PROS of Professional Installation

1. No work for you

You can sit back and relax and enjoy a coffee whilst someone installs your home CCTV system. You won’t need to fear about doing it wrong or reading complicated instruction manuals. You’ll need to decide on a time you are home for the installation, but you can spend your time on something else whilst the professionals are at work.

2. Expertise

There is always a risk with DIY that you might make a mistake. This could cost you more time and effort in the long run, or your mistakes could lead to a break-in. When you hire a professional, you can take full advantage of their knowledge. Ask them questions about set up, functions and what to do if something goes wrong.

3. Possible discounts

If you pay for a professional installation, the company you use may include cost-saving incentives.

CONS of Professional Installation

1. Installation fees

If someone comes out and installs your CCTV kit, it’ll cost you, so look out for promotional deals.

2. Less control over system setup

Installing a system yourself means you can do everything you want. A professional installer is going to set the CCTV system up to standard without customization; if you want something other than this, then you need to ask specifically.

3. Must schedule an appointment

You’ll still have to make time to be home for the professional installation. This can be difficult if you’re in a full-time job and since most companies operate during weekday business hours, it may be easier to install your CCTV in the evening when home.

PROS of DIY Installation

1. You save money on installation fees

You can save money when you install a home CCTV kit yourself. If you consider yourself a handy person in general, then it shouldn’t be too difficult. The difficulty level will depend on the type of system you install; for example, if you choose a wireless system, you won’t need to drill any holes.

2. Install on your schedule

You can choose a date and time to suit you, whether that be in the morning, evening or weekend.

3. Adjust the system how you want it

Set up your security system exactly how you want it when you do it yourself, and adjust as necessary.

CONS of DIY Installation

1. You do the work

You’ll need to read the manual, spend time on the phone with customer service, or even Google if you’re really stuck! This is more challenging if you choose a complicated system and if things go wrong, this can take up a lot of time trying to fix it, and sometimes, in the end, you need to hire someone to fix your mistakes.

2. No in-person professional

Once you set your home CCTV system up, you’ll need to teach yourself how to use it. A professional can walk you through it and show you how to use the various features. If you’re good with technology, then you’ll be okay, but if you’re not, then having a professional may make you more comfortable.

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