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CCTV Installation Gloucester

We are CCTV installers working with home owners, businesses and organisations in Gloucester.

Our team of installation specialists can advise you on the best way to use a CCTV system to meet the demands of your business. Whether it be for security or monitoring of stock and staff – we can help. Ask us for a free quote today on 0800 211 8310.

It doesn’t matter if you need a single-camera CCTV installation, or one that requires several cameras and some technical know-how to install so it always works to your advantage. Our team can identify the best solution for you, or provide installation-only services if you already have the kit you need.

On top of that, you could also take full advantage of our extensive repair and maintenance services, should you ever need them. If regular and reliable service is important to you, our maintenance services take care of it. And if anything does go wrong, our repair service gets things moving again in no time.

Gloucester enjoys a low crime rate – which is fantastic. Not only is vandalism and damage crime low – only burglary meets the national average.

CCTV can be used for a number of uses – from monitoring of stock, to watching remote locations from a safe control room. Even in a low crime area, it pays to be protected.

How can we help?

We are experts in the supply and installation of CCTV Cameras and Systems in Gloucester – our technicians have years of experience in the correct set-up of CCTV systems to help you detect, deter and prosecute criminals causing damage or theft in your area.

Our systems are high specification and with a correct design can be used for a multitude of different applications.

Our service for Gloucester includes:

  • CCTV Installation in Gloucester
  • Repair and maintenance of existing CCTV
  • Supply of CCTV Cameras for businesses and homes in Gloucester

More on the use of CCTV in Gloucester

Gloucester was one of the places badly hit by serious disorder during the August riots of 2011 which were described by Garry Shewan, assistant chief constable of Greater Manchester Police as “Senseless on a scale I have never witnessed in my career.”

CCTV cameras were used to bring some of the perpetrators to justice, emphasising the importance of such a facility in the fight against crime of any kind. That, of course, includes businesses, and, after what happened in Gloucester, if you have a business there it is more important than ever that you do have some form of CCTV monitoring system.

Do you know how many advantages CCTV has?

Better security, better peace-of-mind, great protection for your family or your business (or both), and perhaps even discounts on your insurance, too. When there are so many advantages to having a closed-circuit television system to keep you safe, you can understand why this is a popular security feature to have.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s for bigger or more expensive properties or businesses, either. Everyone can find the perfect CCTV kit, even when perfect means something different to us all. If seeing up to 30 metres at night is essential, infrared cameras exist to do the job. And whether you need one or 10 or more cameras, you can always get a kit or a bespoke outfit that will cover just what is required.

Feeling safe and secure is something you can never take for granted. But when you have CCTV, and camera feeds you can view at any time of the day or night via your mobile phone, Mac, PC, or even a tablet, you can always feel safe. Knowing what is happening around you is imperative to this, and since CCTV cameras deter many burglars anyway, chances are you may never be bothered by them at all.

24/7 reliable recording

Don’t settle for cameras that only record at specific times. Get a kit from us now that provides you with 24/7 recording, no matter what day it is.

Night vision up to 30 metres

Even if there is zero lighting around to aid your vision, our night-vision cameras will still show you what is happening and where – within a range of 30 metres.

Technical support of the highest standard

Our trained technicians are always on hand to answer everything from the simplest to the most complex questions you might have. Whatever you need to ask, we’re always here to help.

Call or email us free whenever the need arises

With a Freephone number provided especially for you, not to mention an email address, we’re never far away.

Give our friendly team a call now to find out how easy CCTV installation in Gloucester is

We’ll provide you with a free quote, and there’s never any obligation to go through with your installation if you decide not to. Call today on 0800 211 8310 and make sure you get the quote you want.

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