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Do You Know How to Spot Hidden Cameras?

Most of us have good reason to stay away from home every now and then. It might be an overnight stop in a hotel, private rental property, or B&B, for example. While it is rare for any such establishment to have hidden cameras, it can set your mind at rest to know for sure there are none in your room.

You might be wondering how you can do this. Fortunately, there are some practical methods you can use to keep yourself safe in this scenario.

Check the mirrors

We’ve all seen two-way mirrors in TV shows and films. But did you know there is an easy way to check whether a mirror is two-way or not? A real mirror doesn’t allow your hand to touch its reflection. So, if you touch a mirror and you can touch your hand, you’ll know it is a two-way one with every chance there is a camera behind it.

Hidden cameras can interfere with your mobile phone

Once you are inside your room, make a phone call. If you get interference on the call, it could well be because a hidden camera is present. This is the case when the camera relays images to a recording device.

Check all the most obvious places a camera could be hidden

Plant pots are a popular place for them, as are books. They can also be hidden in such diverse items as stuffed toys, smoke detectors, and even light bulbs. Look at anything that seems out of place or strange for some reason.

Look out for wires that don’t seem to have a reason to be there

Is that wire leading to a bedside light? If there isn’t an obvious reason for it, see where it does lead. It could be connected to a hidden camera.

A camera lens will always reflect the light

No matter how well a camera is hidden, the lens must be exposed for it to record images. That works in your favour. Turn off all the lights and close any blinds or curtains if necessary. Turn on the light on your phone (or use a torch) and slowly make your way around the room, shining the light everywhere you can. If there is a hidden camera, the lens will reflect the light from your camera or torch and reveal its presence to you.

If you spot anything, leave the room and report it immediately.

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