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CCTV Installation Chichester

We are CCTV installation specialists working with business and home owners in Chichester.

Our team of technicians have years of experience, and can help you by advising on the best CCTV solution for you, installation of all types of CCTV cameras and repairs of older systems. Contact our Chichester team today for a free quote.

To find out more about CCTV and how you can reduce the chances of being affected by crime, call 0800 211 8310 now, or complete the online quote form if you prefer. Either way, you’re assured of getting a great deal on your new CCTV package.

Crime in Chichester is low. Only shoplifting, anti-social behaviour and theft are in-line with the National average.

CCTV can help all businesses in Chichester by providing a visual deterrent to the would be thief. By using well placed security cameras, high profile signage and the proper technology – you can monitor, detect and identify vandalism, theft and other criminal activity around your property.

How can we help?

Our services cover the supply and installation of CCTV Systems in the Chichester area – our expert installation team have years of experience in the correct installation of systems to deter and prevent crime within Chichester.

CCTV is both a superb deterrent and a great way of monitoring the activity of stock and people – cameras are small, and the systems used to record and monitor are modern and hi-tech.

Our team in Chichester can:

  • Install and setup CCTV systems for all purposes
  • Maintain and repair older systems including cameras
  • CCTV installers Chichester

Information about CCTV in Chichester

The local theatre in Chichester has recently installed a comprehensive new CCTV system which covers the external areas of the theatre site, both for surveillance and monitoring traffic and visitors.

What is good enough for such a famous location should be good enough for your business in Chichester, too, especially when you consider that CCTV cameras are a proven deterrent against crime, vandalism, unwanted visitors and staff problems. Millions of businesses already have the benefit of professional up-to-date CCTV monitoring systems. Statistics point to major reductions in crime where cameras are installed. Indeed, it is claimed that properly installed and maintained CCTV systems can reduce crime by up to 90 per cent.


CCTV and Crime Prevention

Preventing crime is always better than trying to solve it once it has happened. You’ve probably already seen statistics concerning crime rates in Chichester. You may know of burglaries that have happened close to where you live. Even the thought you may be next on the list can be enough to unsettle you – to make you feel unsure of yourself and of the effort you have put into your home security. The same applies to your business if you own one.

While there are those who dislike the idea of CCTV in our lives, most people have no issues with this form of protection. Most burglars will watch properties to see if they are a good target before they break in. Those with CCTV cameras, security alarms and other features will doubtless be ignored in the burglar’s attempts to break into a property that won’t result in them getting caught.

Investing in your safety

They say you cannot put a price on your own peace of mind, and there is a lot of truth in this. Would you feel safer if you knew your property was being monitored 24/7, night and day, signalling the importance you place on your security? Most people would, and it provides a feeling of control, too.

So, while you will need to purchase the appropriate cameras and equipment to make the most of your home security system, this is a one-time purchase that will provide great dividends for many years to come. As such, it shouldn’t be thought of as an expense, but an investment.

A chance to get cheaper insurance, too

If you can prove your home has better security measures, i.e. that it has CCTV cameras installed, you may well get a discount on your home insurance. The same applies if your business in Chichester has CCTV cameras present.

Insurance companies will give cheaper quotes to anyone who represents a lesser risk in terms of claiming. And if you have CCTV, that’s certainly the case. So, while you are investing in closed-circuit television, you might be able to offset the price with lower insurance costs.

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