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CCTV Installation Chertsey

Our team of installers based in Chertsey help both commercial and residential customers find the right CCTV cameras for their property.

With years of experience in the best methods of installation, or team of engineers can help you find the best solution. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation for your property.

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To get more information about the advantages of colour CCTV cameras, call our team now on 0800 211 8310. You could fill in our free quote form instead if you prefer. Either way, you’re assured of getting expert advice and attention when you are considering purchasing a new CCTV kit that provides ongoing, full-colour images day in, day out.

Chertsey has a low crime rate, which is a similar situation for most of Surrey.

Obviously pockets of crime will occur, and businesses will need to protect themselves from theft and criminal damage by using CCTV to monitor and record any criminal activity.

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Our team in Chertsey can help you find the best solution to your security issues. Our CCTV team are friendly and experienced and can help you with the following:

  • We’ll put together the best CCTV system for you to meet your requirements
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  • Installation of CCTV in your home or business in Chertsey

3 Advantages of CCTV Cameras Providing Colour Footage

Have you ever seen footage from older closed-circuit television cameras? You can expect such footage to be in black-and-white, and to be fuzzy, almost giving the appearance of lots of dots all buzzing around together. You might make out the image of a person caught on camera, and you may be able to tell whether they are male or female. But beyond that, you won’t see much else.

Today’s technology has long since put to rest the notion that CCTV is still like this. Today, you can enjoy colour footage if you have CCTV installed in your Chertsey property. There are several advantages to this you might be interested in knowing if you are still undecided about whether to get CCTV or not.

You can more accurately identify cars that might appear on the footage

While CCTV should only be focused on your own land, you may have a large property with its own drive. If your CCTV monitors this area, you could see if an unidentified car pulled up in it. If you later discovered you had been burgled, you are likely to amass plenty of useful footage to pass onto the police. The colours shown in the footage can help when investigating what happened.

You can tell what colour clothes people are wearing

You are no longer restricted to looking at light or dark blocks of grey. Colour footage is recorded in high definition nowadays, thus giving you an impressive amount of detail if a vandal or burglar is caught on film.

Colour footage provides more detail

It’s not just a question of revealing what colour something is. You will be able to give far more information than that if need be. For example, if someone was vandalising your property, you may be able to tell they were wearing a light blue jacket with dark green lettering on it. The detail will be far clearer, and that will help police identify who did it.

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