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CCTV with Night Vision

There are lots of considerations to bear in mind whenever you are looking to buy and install CCTV cameras. One key area to explore is the use of cameras that allow night vision. Not all cameras do, and if you opt for cameras with this feature, you can expect to pay more for them. With that said, it makes sense to invest in cameras that will protect you around the clock.

24/7 protection

This is the main benefit of night vision cameras. They permit images to be seen even in pitch dark, and even from some distance away. If the perimeter of your property, or the area around your doors and windows, is not lit at all during the night, sourcing cameras that offer night vision is of paramount importance.

However, even if you have the benefit of nearby street lighting, or security lighting to ward off potential burglars, you will still be better protected if your CCTV cameras offer night vision capabilities as well. Security lighting can easily be disabled, and street lighting won’t provide the same degree of light the area would receive during the day. A burglar need only find one or two darker spots to hide in, and they could slip past your cameras essentially unseen.

Better image quality

It’s not just a case of capturing images with CCTV cameras at night. It’s a case of being able to capture images that are clear and offer a good picture of who has been caught on film. Since many would-be burglars like to operate under cover of darkness, it makes sense to ensure your cameras can film whoever might decide to access your property, even when there is no light at all.

However, not all night-vision cameras are equal. As with anything else in life, the quality can differ to a remarkable extent. Thus, if you are going to invest in night-vision cameras, make sure you get the best-quality cameras you can afford.

Proper installation of these cameras is also essential if you are to ensure you receive the best outcome. The system should be tested when installed to make sure images captured are of suitable quality.

While many people think night-vision cameras aren’t necessary for them, nothing could be further from the truth. There are cases where people have been able to provide the police with firm evidence from their night-vision cameras – evidence they may not otherwise have had.

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